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Monday Morning eBriefing

Take Advantage of NCBFAA’s PGA Reference Tool

May 30, 2022 by Luke Zimmer
Every customs broker knows that interacting with Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) can be the most challenging part of their job. The PGA data requirements are often demanding. And, on top of that, there are just so many agencies! 

To help sort out this confusion, the NCBFAA Regulatory Agencies Committee (RAC) at the start of this year created a PGA Import Reference Tool which has been posted on the NCBFAA website for our Regular members to use. 

The PGA Import Reference Tool provides a top-level overview of all PGAs that are involved in the import process, showing the commodities they regulate and their mission, when paper documents or licenses are required, their policy on de minimis shipments, and which agencies have direct hold authority. Most importantly, the PGA Import Reference Tool provides emails and links to the most useful resources you need to understand the filing requirements for each PGA.

We hope you find this new reference tool helpful as you navigate the PGA environment!