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Headquartered in the Washington DC metro area, the NCBFAA represents more than 1,300 member companies with 110,000 employees in international trade - the nation's leading freight forwarders, customs brokers, ocean transportation intermediaries (OTIs), NVOCCs and air cargo agents, serving more than 250,000 importers and exporters. The Association’s members handle more than 97% of the entries for goods imported into the United States and are directly involved with the logistics of these goods. Further, members operating as OTIs are involved with approximately 80 to 85% of all exports from the United States. 

Established in 1897 in New York, NCBFAA is the effective national voice of the industry. Through its various committees, counsel and representatives, the Association maintains a close watch over legislative and regulatory issues that affect its members. It keeps them informed of these and other related issues through its weekly Monday Morning eBriefing, and various meetings and conferences throughout the year.


NCBFAA is the U.S. organization representing the business of customs brokers, freight forwarders, non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs), and ocean transportation intermediaries as transportation facilitators and logistics professionals in their dealings with government officials, industry, and each other.

NCBFAA advocates for, and provides leadership to, its members; provides education to promote professional growth; provide legislative activities; and serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Vision & Values

NCBFAA’s statement of values includes:

  • Professionalism based on integrity, principles, ethics, and trust
  • Vision, leadership, and advocacy
  • Communications, education, and networking
  • Representation of member interests in a manner that is inclusive, democratic, and representative
  • Success and opportunity

Increase member value by:

  • Promoting industry education to help members facilitate and promote compliant trade and offer greater services to their clients.
  • Increasing member awareness of those issues of value to their clients so their knowledge of those issues increase their value to clients.
  • Being recognized as the “Voice of the Industry” and the “Go To” organization for knowledge by both public and private sector to direct public policies in a way that enhances our industry’s profitability.

Meet the Board



JD Gonzalez  

Vice President

Victoria Lane

Executive Vice President

Megan Montgomery



Kristiann App


Laurie Arnold


Jan Fields