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Regular Membership

Open to firms regularly engaged in business providing services to the public as licensed customs brokers, licensed ocean freight forwarders, international air cargo agents, and non-vessel operating common carriers located within the limits of the United States, its possessions and territories.

 To qualify for Regular membership, your company must hold at least one of the licenses or permits listed below. This license or permit must be in your company’s name (unless you are officially registered as a Sole Proprietor).

  • Broker License Number                                             
  • FMC License Number
  • IATA Registration Number
  • FMC Bond Number
  • TSA – IAC Number

Each Regular Member firm has one vote in Association matters. This encompasses the firm's branches, affiliates, subsidiaries or related companies 

Regular Member Benefits

It's the NCBFAA's goal to keep our members aware and informed of the latest regulatory changes coming out of Washington. Through our various conferences, NEI offerings, and news updates, we do just that.


Cost Savings

The NCBFAA has invested much of its own time and resources to develop the tools your company needs to succeed in the transportation logistics industry. NCBFAA committees and officers have had a significant impact on regulatory and legislative decisions that have saved the industry, and inevitably your business, thousands of dollars in day-to-day and future operating costs.

  • Free use of Key Legal Documents such as our newly updated T&C, POAs, and Bill of Lading, worth thousands of dollars per year. 
  • Monday Morning eBriefing: NCBFAA’s Monday Morning eBriefing (MMeB) is a weekly publication sent exclusively to NCBFAA Associate members informing them of the latest news and developments in the industry coming out of Washington from the Association and the Hill.
  • NCBFAA Blasts: Frequent email updates from the NCBFAA on newsworthy trade alerts.
  • Free access to ExWorks Trucker Vetting Service
  • Free access to key webinar information and detailed toolkits to keep you updated on the latest industry trends 
  • Conference Registration Discounts: Members save an average of 25 percent on registration costs
  • Exhibitor Discounts: NCBFAA members save more than 20 percent on their Exhibitor Booth registration compared to non-members  
  • NCBFAA Shippers Association: NCBFAA members can join and utilize the Shippers Association services to save money on contracts
  • Educational Institute (NEI) Discounts: NCBFAA members can save between 15 – 40 percent on webinars, depending upon enrollment. Members also save 48% of NEI certification fees, and Masters program certifications offer discounts of 34% to NCBFAA members.  
  • Other interactive tools to assist you and your company with various activities/ duties, clients, personal goals and corporate missions

Networking & Events

Every year, the NCBFAA hosts two conferences to further the education of our industry representatives. In addition to the benefits of attending these conferences, NCBFAA members can also enjoy registration and exhibitor discounts. The NCBFAA also encourages members to participate in any of our numerous board and committee meetings held throughout the year.

NCBFAA has partnered with other organizations to provide solutions to operational challenges, while offering substantial savings to our members.



Board Meetings

NCBFAA Board of Directors meetings are held quarterly in various cities around the U.S. and coincide with either of our large conferences. All regular members are invited and encouraged to attend Board Meetings.


Committee Meetings & Calls

There are approximately seven Committee conference calls held each month, and additional meetings held during NCBFAA conferences and board meetings. NCBFAA regular members are encouraged to volunteer for committees and attend conference calls.


Industry Presence

NCBFAA members can enhance their company's credibility and visibility by belonging to the nation’s most respected trade industry association.  By getting involved - join a committee  - attend networking events - members can become synonymous with the impact of the NCBFAA name. 

With NCBFAA membership you can enjoy:

  • Use of the official NCBFAA logo
  • Committee participation
  • Membership Directory Listing: Both online and in print
  • Online Membership Directory Listing: One of the most popular facets of the NCBFAA website, the Online Membership Directory has quickly evolved into one of the industry’s easiest and most reliable means of finding and connecting with industry professionals. NCBFAA membership grants you a company listing in the online membership directory where you can list contact information and business specialties that can then be personalized with company logos.
  • Full voting rights: Each regular member home office is granted one vote in NCBFAA matters and encouraged to participate.
  • Host a Webinar: All NCBFAA regular members are invited to organize and host their own webinar using our online webinar platform.  Topics must be industry-related and educational. Your webinar and your company name will be promoted on the NCBFAA website, in the Monday Morning eBriefing, and throughout the NEI, providing you with the unique opportunity enhance your company's visibility in the industry.


Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the NCBFAA represents nearly 1,300 member companies with over 110,000 employees in international trade - the nation's leading freight forwarders, customs brokers, ocean transportation intermediaries (OTIs), NVOCCs and air cargo agents, serving more than 250,000 importers and exporters. Established in 1897 in New York, NCBFAA is the effective national voice of the industry. Through our various committees, counsel and representatives, the Association maintains a close watch and advocates for legislative and regulatory issues that affect its members.


The ever-changing landscape of the international trade industry may, at times, require business or legal guidance to navigate the intricacies of operating a successful business while meeting all compliance regulations. The NCBFAA legal counsel, committee members, and subject matter experts are all dedicated to understanding the minutiae of international trade and have developed detailed toolkits that guide our members through current regulations and specific requirements.  Board Area Reps are also available to assist members who may be in need of guidance

NCBFAA Membership Directory Listing: Print & Online

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Regular Member Annual Dues: 2024 

Dues are based on the number of employees directly involved in Broker/Forwarder Activities.
Dues run on a calendar-year basis. 


# of EmployeesCost
Minimum dues$672
8-15 Employees*$86
16-47 Employees* $82
48-79 Employees* $81
80-83 Employees* $78
84-99 Employeesflat rate $6323
100 and beyond $6323 plus $48 per each 100 employees

*Price shown is per employee

Employee count includes:

  • Customs Brokerage/Compliance: #
  • Drawback: #
  • International or domestic Freight Forwarding: #
  • Salespersons and/or NVOCC operations including supervisors: #
  • Warehouse workers, truck drivers, couriers, printer operators, temporary labor, and other business support positions such as accounting, human resources, IT, etc. whose primary duty is to support the operations named above: #


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