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Staff Directory

Megan Montgomery

Executive Vice President
  • NCBFAA Office and Budget Oversight
  • Board of Directors and NCBFAA Committee Liaison
  • PAC and Public Policy Issues
  • Leadership Outreach


Christopher Gillis

Communications Director
  • Publication and Advertising Sales
  • Items for Monday Morning Briefing
  • MMeB Coordination & Distribution
  • Membership Directory
  • Public and Press Relations
  • Conference Assistance


Kimberly Murphy

Accounting Director
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Financial Statements
  • Annual Budget
  • PAC Administration

Meeting Department

Kim O'Beirne

Meeting Department Director
  • Annual Conference and Government Affairs Conference
  • Coordinate Committee Meeting Venues

Beth Gillis

Assistant to Meeting Department Director
  • Assist with Annual Conference and Government Affairs Conference
  • Assist with Committee Meeting Venues Coordination



Amy Dawson Taggart

National Membership Director
  • Set vision and strategy for member recruitment and retention
  • Board liaison for membership
  • Ensure the highest quality standards in all member relations

Nancy Painter

Director of Operations & Associate Membership Director
  • Membership Recruitment & Retention
  • Database Management
  • Invoicing & Collections
  • Membership Operations

Nicole Applin

Head Office & Database Administrator
  • Membership Support
  • Database Administration
  • Administrative Management
  • Front Office Management

Susie Bailey 

Assistant Director, Operations and Membership Projects
  • Website Administrator
  • Online Resource Management
  • Member Recruitment 
  • Member Benefits

Allison Brodell

Assistant Director, Membership 
  • EVP Assistance
  • Membership Recruitment
  • New Member Applications
  • Board Committee Meetings
  • Membership General Inquiries

NCBFAA Educational Institute

Cynthia Whittenburg

Executive Vice President, NEI
  • Oversight of NEI certification programs
  • Accreditation
  • Learning Management System Content
  • Outreach and liaison with NEI constituent groups

Federico "Kiko" Zuniga

Director, Business Development
  • Business development
  • Accreditation
  • Outreach with NEI constituent groups


J. Yolanda Okosun

Director, Media & Marketing 
  • EVP Assistance 
  • Continuing Education Coordination (NEI Webinars)
  • GTE Conference Planning & Promotion
  • NEI Communications & Social Media 
  • Website Maintenance
    (301) 635-0814

    Richard Bacon

    Director, NEI
    • Supervises NCBFAA Educational Institute
    • Responsible for all educational programs
    • Oversees Certified Customs Specialist and Certified Export Specialist credentialing programs
    • Conducts outreach and liaison with NEI constituent groups

    William McCrary 

    Learning Management Specialist (LMS)
    • Accreditation of External Learning (Form 100)
    • Learning management system operational support
    • Content management for NEI certification programs
    • Reinstatements 
    (301) 635-0817

     Allison Brown

    Learning Management (LMS) Coordinator
    • Learning management system operational support
    • NEI course enrollments, extensions, and final exam
    • Transcript maintenance
    • Reinstatements;;


    Pearl Ayamba

    Membership Coordinator  
    • NEI Account liaison and (bulk) billing
    • Certification renewal processing
    • NEI MOU Company coordination  
    (301) 635-0812

    Kerla Pamphile

    Membership Assistant
    • NEI Professional and Corporate Membership processing
    • Grandfathering requests
    • Certification documents (CCS, CES, MCS, MES) 
    (301) 635-0806