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Introductory Courses

Import 101

The NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI)'s Import 101 is an overview of international import transactions and responsibilities of the importer and broker. This four-part course incorporates short module quizzes to help you learn the material and get you started on the road to compliant transactions whether you are the importer (BCO) or Customs Broker. Upon successful completion of this course, you will have a firm understanding of the basic requirements for the importation of goods into the U.S.

Import 101 is completely self-paced and online, including the final exam. Unlike the NEI's Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) and Certified Export Specialist (CES) programs, Import 101 is not a certification program.


$330 for members and $660 for non-members.

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Non-member firms can join the Association now by clicking here and submitting a completed application form with payment.

If your firm is not eligible for NCBFAA membership, you may still take advantage of member rates by signing up as a Professional Member.

Special Group Pricing

Additionally, the NEI is pleased to offer special group pricing for companies that wish to use Import 101 for company training! For more information, click here!


  • You will obtain knowledge of importing products and the government agencies who may regulate them
  • Gain an understanding of the documents and processes used for importing
  • Have awareness of the Code of Federal Regulations and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States

Ready to Enroll?


If you believe Import 101 is the right course for you or your team, register now! No application required.


Who Should Enroll?

Individuals working in the international trade and logistics industry who are involved in the ordering, purchasing, or clearance of goods being imported into the U.S.

Key Topics

This course covers many important topics relating to import basics, including: antitrust, trade agreements, rules and regulations, customs forms, entry types, and the HTSUS. Click here to view a complete course outline.

Continuing Education Credits

10 CCS/MCS Credits will be awarded to individuals who are active CCS or MCS designees, and 5 CES/MES credits will be awarded to individuals who are active CES or MES designees. Please note completion of the course counts towards continuing education credits for recertification but not the designation itself.

Import 101 Company Group Rates

The NEI is pleased to offer special group pricing for companies that wish to use Import 101 for company training!

Please note the discount chart below. These rates will be issued to companies on a calendar year basis and will reset on January 1st each year.

Policies & FAQs

How do I receive the discount pricing?

Group discount pricing is not automatically available online—the NEI must invoice for any enrollments processed at the discounted rate. The NEI will keep track of how many course registrations your company has paid for and will be able to invoice accordingly. Unless purchasing the course registration as an individual at the individual rate ($330 Member/$660 Non-Member), please contact the NEI so we can create your invoice.


How long will my employees have access to the course?

All students will have access to the course for 6-months from their personal date of enrollment.


What do you mean by “rates will reset on January 1st each year”?

The NEI will keep track of how many employees from your company enrolls into the course within each calendar year. The discounted rates above will apply through December 31st each year, but once a new calendar year begins, the discounts will start over. Meaning, on January 1st each year, the group discount rates will revert to 15% off for 2 to 5 enrollments, no matter how many employees had been enrolled from your company the year prior


Can I pay for multiple enrollments in advance, before knowing the specific employees who will be taking the course?

Yes. For example, if you know you would like to have 10 course registrations available for new hires to your company—but you don’t have the specific employee names to provide to the NEI yet—you may purchase 10 enrollments (discounts apply) to have “on hold” until you can provide the names of the employees you wish to enroll. Note that these registrations will expire at the end of the end of the calendar year, OR 6 months after purchase, which ever time frame is later. IMPORTANT: Once expired, no refunds will be provided for un-used registrations.


I would like to use this course for group training and intend to assign an instructor to lead the course for our company. Will the instructor need to pay for their own enrollment?

Yes, in order to access the content, the instructor must be enrolled themselves and must register accordingly. Please be sure to notify the NEI of the individual(s) acting as the instructor. They will receive a copy of the NEI’s instructor policy. Additionally, please note that distribution of any course materials to an individual not currently enrolled into the course, or any use of the course materials for any purpose outside the NEI Export 101 and Import 101 courses is strictly prohibited. NCBFAA owns the copyright to all course material, and such content may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written permission of the NCBFAA Educational Institute’s Executive Director. Any employee receiving course content must be enrolled into the course.


If the course is instructor-led for our company and the course is being completed in a group setting, do the individuals still need to complete the course online in order to receive credit?

Yes. In order to receive credit for the course, individuals must be sure to complete each module of the course within their own LogisticsEI account, whether this is done within the group setting or on their own time. However, individuals must complete the final exam individually, not in a group setting.