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Membership Benefits

Learn more about the in-person and online events provided by NCBFAA and NEI as well as the tools and discounts available to NCBFAA members through our programs and partnerships.
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NCBFAA Shippers Association

The NCBFAA Shippers Association acts as a liaison between the member and carriers for rate requests, rates being filed, mis-rated bills, or any other issue where the member may need service.

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Free Trucker Vetting Service

Manage your business and remain compliant through the reduction of potential liability. The Free Trucker Vetting Services helps members ensure motor carriers they choose are properly licensed, insured, and TSA-compliant.

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Association Documents

Legal, Commercial Documents & Forms, Industry Glossary.

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Marketing Services

NCBFAA offers its members a variety of opportunities to market their services and promote their companies to wider audiences.

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Small Business Kit

The majority of our Regular members are small business owners. We have assembled many of our resources into a single area of our site, specially tailored to meet your needs and save you time.

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Insurance & Retirement

View our Business Insurance & Retirement Plans.

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NCBFAA has partnered with other organizations to provide solutions to operational challenges, while offering substantial savings to our members.


Conferences & Events

Join us for the NCBFAA Annual Conference, our premier gathering of international trade industry representatives from around the United States, as well the NCBFAA Government Affairs Conference to learn about important industry challenges and meet with your representatives in Congress.


The Logistics Educational Interface (LogisticsEI) is the premier learning management system of the NCBFAA Educational Institute. The system provides an enhanced learning experience for professionals wishing to further their education in global logistics.

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NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI)

Members can participate in, and receive discounts for, NEI offerings including webinars and courses to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of the international trade industry. The NEI provides educational opportunities to NCBFAA members and the larger trade community.

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