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Small Business Kit

The majority of our Regular members are small business owners.  We have assembled many of our resources into a single area of our site, specially tailored to meet your needs and save you time.

Insurance & Retirement Plans

The NCBFAA Retirement Solution is a highly competitive 401(k) plan created exclusively for the NCBFAA membership.

One-Man Plans Available

No Mandatory Minimums

Negotiated Fee Discounts

  • A turn-key solution customized for your business’s needs
  • Members can utilize any financial advisor they choose.
  • Low cost institutional pricing and transparent fee structure
  • Customized for your business’s needs
  • 3(38) Fiduciary support and protection included 
  • C-FEX certified third party administrator
  • Personalized participant web experience
  • World Class leading record keeper at low cost  
  • Access to large plan advantages such as low-cost institutional funds, lower plan expenses, and state-of-the-art participant resources.

For more information, contact Brad Greenbaum at Altigro Pension Services, Inc.

(973) 439-0200 – 888-808-401k

Trucker Vetting

exworks logo white background
The NCBFAA Comply Directory is available to members free of charge thanks to an agreement between the NCBFAA and Ex Works, Inc., the industry's leading service linking forwarders and customs brokers with their trucking networks. This service helps NCBFAA Regular Members manage their businesses and remain compliant through the reduction of potential liability by confirming if the motor carriers they choose are properly licensed, insured, and TSA-compliant as well as check safety ratings.

The NCBFAA Comply Directory is provided to NCBFAA regular members only through a special arrangement between the NCBFAA and Remote Control America, LLC, a subsidiary of Ex Works. Access to similar information (from Ex Works itself or other compliance management services) can cost forwarders and customs brokers anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars each year.


Trucker vetting includes checking operating authority, safety ratings, insurance certificates, and the all-important driver training and related data required by the TSA for air pickups.


Members can search for the trucking companies they need from a pool of over 6,500 cartage and drayage companies.


Compare and negotiate rates on individual shipments, offer to carriers, and receive automated emails confirming booking, POD and invoice.
How to Acces the Directory
  • To access for the first time, please contact us so that we can get you approved and on board with Ex Works.  
  • If you are the primary contact for an NCBFAA Regular Member company, use your FcomplyNCBFAA corporate credentials to log into the NCBFAA COMPLY DIRECTORY.
  • If you are an NCBFAA Regular Member company employee with an NCBFAA website account, use your individual NCBFAA website login credentials to access the NCBFAA COMPLY DIRECTORY.


Email to request information and suggest we include it in the Small Business Kit.