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On-Demand Courses

The NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI) has partnered with companies offering our learning community on-demand courses and content to stay in know within the cross-border industry.  

Sandler Travis & Rosenberg

ST&R webinars provide up-to-the-minute information on trade and customs matters including classification, valuation, duty reduction, import compliance, trade remedies, and free trade agreements.


GISTnet provides Internet/intranet-based performance support, training courses, assessment tools and educational support to professionals and staff engaged in international trade, cargo transportation and logistics. Our primary focus is on the support and career developments needs of transportation intermediaries (freight forwarders, customs brokers, indirect carriers and third-party logistics providers), including both technical training and key business skills such as customer service and supervision. Our library and training courses are also of interest to shippers, importers and exporters.

Goldstein Customs Brokerage Exam Prep 

Using fully functional Customs ABI software, G.C.B began incorporating the software into its lesson plans for the L.C.B exam. Very quickly it became clear that students needed more time to learn this material, and G.C.B’s 3 month Customs Entry Writing Workshop was born. Today, G.C.B is continuing to expand its workshop through out every major coastal city in the continental United States.

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Content Enablers

Content Enablers provides online trade compliance training in the areas of export compliance, import and customs compliance, sanctions and embargoes,  security, and anti-corruption.

Courses are available on-demand and range from general awareness to advanced export- and import-practitioner-level training. Certification-level courses include a complimentary annual subscription to CE’s Webinar Series for Export Practitioners or Webinar Series for Import Practitioners.

Training is engaging and dynamic and always updated with the current regulations. The NEI community receives a discount on all courses by using this code: NEI2023

Global Training Center logo
GTC provides trade training to build and sharpen those skills so your shipments reach their destination avoiding factors that ultimately cost your business time and money.