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Monday Morning eBriefing

NCBFAA Weekly Supply Chain Disruption Roundup

May 30, 2022 by Luke Zimmer
The NCBFAA Transportation Committee’s Logistics Subcommittee is regularly collecting data on the nation’s rail delays and port congestion that are impacting the supply chain and your business operations.

The Logistics Subcommittee has compiled the latest attached data in form of an Excel spreadsheet for your reference.

The subcommittee invites members to forward service disruption announcements from the carriers and ports as soon as received to Merit Tremper by email ( for inclusion in this Weekly Supply Chain Disruption Roundup series.

Meanwhile, NCBFAA members are well aware of the chaos encountered every day in America’s supply chain. Container ports remain congested at levels never experienced. Truck drivers and equipment are in short supply, and railroad networks are tied in knots.

The result is increased costs for both imported and exported goods, and that is if they can depart or enter commerce in time.

As freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and customs brokers, you are surely getting an earful right now from angry and desperate shippers, and it is not your fault. However, NCBFAA urges you to let your shippers know that you remain in solidarity with them and are doing your utmost using your skills and tools to get them through this the best that you can.

NCBFAA, meanwhile, urges you to show your clients that you are aware of the supply chain situation by sending them this Port Congestion Background Paper. You may also download this paper on your letterhead and adjust the text accordingly.