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Monday Morning eBriefing

Allowable QTY, Manufacturing Ruling Numbers on Non-Manufacturing Drawback Claims

May 30, 2022 by Luke Zimmer
Starting Aug. 24, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will enforce the exclusion of manufacturing ruling numbers and “Allowable QTY” data on new non-manufacturing drawback claims.

The “Allowable QTY’” per the CATAIR 42-Record shall be input only to satisfy the requirements for § 1313(b) manufacturing claims, and the CATAIR will be updated to reflect this requirement.

Non-manufacturing claims on file with CBP prior to Aug. 24 that include a manufacturing ruling number or ‘Allowable QTY’ will be exempt from these instructions, CBP said.

Questions concerning this issue may be emailed to CBP’s Office of Trade at OTDRAWBACK@CBP.DHS.GOV