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Webinar Timeline

Approximate Timeline and Process for Affiliate Member Webinars:

(Note:  there is flexibility with this timeline, however we have found that a firm 3 week deadline for finalizing the presentation ensures a smooth process)

  1.  6+ weeks out: Work with our team to approve a title, topic and speaker bios for your webinar.  Submit a draft of your presentation (PowerPoint, talking points/outline, handouts).  Once we receive your presentation, we can get your webinar on our master schedule.  
  2. 4+ weeks out: Our webinar coordinator will design an eBlast.  Our goal is to have a final promotional eBlast ready to go 3 weeks prior to your webinar. 
  3. 3+ weeks out: Our team sends out the first eBlast. 
  4. 1-2 weeks out: Typically, two more follow-up eBlasts are sent out, for a maximum of three total. Our team works with you on final preparations for the webinar, including any last-minute changes to the PowerPoint.
  5. Day of Webinar: Our team hosts the webinar for you, and you present to our members. A senior leader from the NCBFAA team will introduce you and moderate the presentation.
  6. Post-Webinar: Our team will send a follow up survey to the participants on your behalf. Affiliate members are encouraged to follow-up with webinar attendees once via email after the webinar, at which time those interested in their products or services can request additional information independent of the webinar.