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Webinar FAQs

When do you recommend scheduling our webinar?

Webinars are often held Tuesdays through Thursdays with a start time between 12 pm and 2pm ET.  The reason for the 5 - 6 weeks’ advance notice is because we schedule our webinars around existing NEI webinars.  Only one webinar is presented per day, allowing our webinar coordinator to give you her full attention. 

I am in a rush to get my webinar on your calendar.  Can I send you the Title & Precis now, and come up with the actual presentation later?  

The short answer is no.  We require a full presentation draft in order to reserve a date – because it ensures that we have the necessary materials in advance, to fully promote your webinar.  Experience has shown us that rushed materials received 1-2 weeks before a webinar results in lower attendance, which directly impacts on your efforts.  We want to take advantage of the full 3-week promotional window.  

How long should the webinar be?

60 minutes max, to include time for Q&A at the end.

What materials should I provide in advance?

Presenter provides the webinar title, precis, speaker names, titles, and short bios for marketing purposes. Presenter provides a PPT slideshow (provided as a PDF for distribution) for the webinar. You are welcome to provide additional handouts if you’d like.

I understand NCBFAA will run the webinar. What platform will we be using?

GoToWebinar (You will need to provide the speaker’s emails once you provide the other details so they can be set-up in the system as Panelists and not Attendees). NCBFAA sets up the registration link and marketing emails. 

Does your platform have automated reminders for registrants about the webinar?

Yes. If the registration is directly on Gotowebinar, then when it is set-up you can set-up automatic reminders. We usually set them up to receive a confirmation email when they register, and then the standard 1 day and 1-hour prior reminders [this is set up when the webinar is set-up in the system] People can also add the Gotowebinar information directly to their email calendar. 

Note: The speakers will be invited to join the webinar and they should join as “panelists” – not as attendees.

I am not familiar with Gotowebinar.  Can I do a practice run?

Yes and we highly encourage you to do so, so that technical issues do not arise pre-webinar. We can schedule a practice logon the day before, or even 20 or 30 minutes prior to the actual webinar.  

I noticed on the timeline for implementation, NCBFAA will publicize the event 2 weeks from the event date. May I know the channels you will be utilizing for this?

We typically send out 2-3 separate eblasts to our full membership, using our marketing software Constant Contact. 

This webinar is exclusive for NCBFAA members only, correct?

That is up to you. You are welcome to market it to other audiences.  Note there is a 1000 attendee limit, which is rarely reached, so additional marketing efforts are a good idea.

What follow-up can we do with the attendees? 

We will also send you a list of attendees – names, company when available, and emails – the day after the webinar.  We do not provide registration lists in advance – only the attendees after the webinar.  

Can we get a recording of the webinar afterwards?

Yes, and we can post a recording of the webinar on our website as well. A recording of the webinar will be sent to you the day after the webinar.