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51st NCBFAA Annual Conference

Fort Lauderdale Marriott
Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

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Exhibitor Registration Instructions

Please Read Before Registering


Part 1: Online Registration

*The following are instructions for registering a single booth. If you will be registering for a double booth, please contact

  1. Please be sure to read through all NCBFAA registration policies and the Exhibitor Contract before you register.
  2. After you click "Register Now" in the top left corner of the landing which directed you here, you will be prompted to Login. Be sure to use your personal login information, not your company login. If you need your personal login information, please contact

    If you are registering a colleague, please obtain and use that person's login information - PLEASE, do not use your own login information, as this will result in incorrect badges. If your colleague does not yet have a login name and password, please create a new account. Please remember that changes in registration or name badges after registration is complete will result in a $125 processing fee.  If you are registering for someone else, but want to be kept in the loop, please email to ensure you receive any email updates and notifications.

  3. Once logged in, select the Single Booth Button and click Continue. You will then see a page for registering to play in the Golf Tournament. If you (or the colleague you are registering for) are not doing this optional activity, click Continue; otherwise, check the appropriate circle and then Continue.
  4. Next, you will be asked to enter the recipient's information. Most of this information should load automatically, but if not, please enter it on this page. On this same page, you will also select your billing and payment method from the dropdown menu.
  5. At the bottom of this page, you will see the option to "Add Guest." If you would like to add ONE Exhibitor Assistant for the discount rate or a Spouse/Guest, click "Add Guest."  Please remember, there is a limit of ONE Exhibitor Assistant per registration, and you must register the Exhibitor Assistant at the time of registration. You will not be able to add an Exhibitor Assistant at a later date and you may not change the Exhibitor Assistant's registration information. If you do not want to add an Exhibitor Assistant or a Spouse/Guest, click Continue. [Please note that the choice, "Second Person Double Booth Only," is a free registration available only to those purchasing a double booth. Unless you are purchasing a double booth, DO NOT CHOOSE IT; if you do, it will be purged from your registration prior to processing.]
  6. If you choose to add a second person to your single booth registration, the next page will ask you to enter their information, then click Continue. Then, you will again see the page for registering to play in the Golf Tournament as well as SPOUSE/GUEST ONLY activities. If the second person is an Exhibitor Assistant, he or she may only register for golf, and may not enroll in any of the free SPOUSE/GUEST ONLY activities, even though they are displayed. Please note that if you choose any of these activities, they will be purged from your registration prior to processing. However, an Exhibitor Spouse/Guest second person registrant may register for golf as well as the SPOUSE/GUEST ONLY activities. Of course, if you do not choose any of these activities, click Continue; otherwise, check the appropriate boxes and then Continue.
  7. If you would like to register an Exhibitor Spouse/Guest after registering an Exhibitor Assistant or vice versa, select "Add Another Guest." Otherwise, click Continue. Any additional registrations beyond the single booth registrant, an exhibitor assistant, and a spouse/guest for one or both of them, will be deleted.
  8. The next page will detail your order. Please check it for accuracy and then click Continue. The following page will ask for your demographic information. Check the boxes that apply. If you have registered for golf, please enter your handicap and golfing partners, if you have any, in the spaces provided and then click Continue.
  9. The website will present a review of your order before submission. Please check for any errors, and if everything is correct, print out the page for your records. You will be invoiced for your purchase once the order is processed. If you chose "Bill Later" as your payment option, simply click Submit Order. If you chose "Credit Card" as your payment option, click "Proceed to Authorize.Net Secure Payment Form."
  10. On this page, please enter your credit card number and expiration date, then click Submit. Enter the billing information for the credit card you will be using for the payment. Please make sure that this reflects the credit card you are using, especially if your billing information differs from the address on file.

Part 2: Next Steps

  1. Once you've completed your online registration, please submit your signed NCBFAA Exhibitor Contract to
  2. After registration, you will receive a notification from the NCBFAA. At that time, you will submit your top 5 booth choices. While the NCBFAA can make no guarantees of booth location, we will make every effort to place you in one of your booth choices. The NCBFAA reserves the right to make booth location changes at any time.
  3. Please submit a brief Company Bio (no more than 200 words) as well as your company's logo to