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51st NCBFAA Annual Conference

Fort Lauderdale Marriott
Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

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Newage Software and Solutions has been globally recognized for providing cutting-edge technology solutions to manage the diverse requirements of freight forwarders for almost two decades. Headquartered in Dubai, with multiple offices in India, the UK, and the USA, our domain experts are well-versed in the challenges associated with the freight and logistics industry, and thus, offer a unique solution to clients.

Our flagship product, NewageNXT, revolutionizes freight and logistics management by integrating advanced technologies to optimize efficiency and drive business growth. It can enhance visibility, automate processes, and improve decision-making. From freight forwarding to warehouse management, NewageNXT offers robust features such as real-time tracking, uninterrupted communication, and seamless integration.

NewageNXT’s Business Intelligence (BI) module can show you end-to-end supply chain visibility using predictive analytics, interactive dashboards, custom reporting, and shipment tracking and tracing, comparison.

Our digitized back-office services help businesses manage back-office tasks with precision and agility. From data entry to document management, our domain experts ensure accuracy and efficiency, allowing clients to focus on core operations and strategic initiatives.

Reach us at to learn more about how Newage can transform your logistics operations and propel your business forward in the digital age. Visit for more information.



Gary Gonzalez

Office 102 Block E, Dubai World

Central Business Park, Dubai South

1 (908) 578-5376