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51st NCBFAA Annual Conference

Fort Lauderdale Marriott
Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

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CURA simplifies the complexities of coordinating import and/or export drayage transportation out of multiple ports and rail hubs in North America. We strive to release the overwhelming task and headache of monitoring large volumes of import and/or export shipments. We offer a red-carpet drayage transportation service allowing our customers the freedom to focus on their daily business. Clients from across the globe turn to CURA for unmatched service, communication, and most importantly, capacity. Additionally, our clients rely on us for innovative technology solutions and the luxury of automation. Relieving the stress of freight management, offering ubiquitous capacity, providing the utmost transparent communication, and providing an unmatched customer service experience is our core goal at CURA.


Eddie Santucci

2104 W Main St

Tampa, FL  33607

(813) 573-1027