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51st NCBFAA Annual Conference

Fort Lauderdale Marriott
Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

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BlueX Trade, Inc.

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BlueX offers B2B payment solutions for global supply chains and provides flexible payment terms and optimized cash flow management through freight, logistics, and cargo financing. With our AI-enabled platform, we streamline the entire trade process from order to payment, by digitizing documentation and embedding financing into our logistics platform. Supporting both payers and vendors, BlueX partners with freight forwarders and customs brokers to streamline payments to importers, provide terms, and relieve the operational burden of collections.

BlueX products:

  • Door-to-Door Financing: Ensures continuous cash flow from order placement to product delivery.
  • Pay-it-Later Cargo & Logistics: Offers upfront payment for logistics services, with repayment terms of 30 to 60 days.
  • Fund-Orders-Now: A purchase order financing solution that enables businesses to pay suppliers upfront.
  • Get-Paid-Faster: An accounts receivable factoring solution that provides sellers with advance cash.
  • Wallet: A financial tool for quick fund reconciliation and secure transactions across multiple countries, facilitating expedited cargo release.
  • eCommerce: A white-label solution for carriers and freight forwarders to manage rates and space efficiently.


Marc Ang

(818) 577-5576