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Cannabis and International Trade Issues 2022 Webinar

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Join our panel of experts in cannabis and international trade law to discuss topics on the current and future status of international trade of cannabis. Attorneys from Harris Bricken will provide an overview of the legal landscape on cannabis, and update which countries are the latest to legalize some form of cannabis.  We’ll discuss developments in U.S. federal legalization of hemp, hemp-derived products, and marijuana.


 If (or when) marijuana is legally allowed to be traded across international borders, we’ll discuss how international trade issues will likely affect the development of the cannabis industry.  Trade agreements like the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) could be used to create a North American cannabis industry. However, trade laws are often used to protect domestic industries from import competition.  Trade wars could break out to block cannabis imports, particularly where the cannabis industries in different countries are at different stages of development.  


 We’ll discuss current U.S. regulatory issues affecting the import and export of cannabis, hemp, and CBD products.  Our panelists will discuss a range of practical and legal issues related to importation of cannabis products.  A recent ruling from the U.S. Court of International Trade may open the door for the importation of certain products that had previously been prohibited as drug paraphernalia - but the issue remains unsettled meaning importers must continue to proceed with utmost caution.  Finally, we’ll discuss the various intellectual property issues affecting cross-border shipments of cannabis related products.