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Introductory Courses

Apparel 101

The NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI) and the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) invite you to register for our online course for apparel import specialists. This is an exclusive opportunity to tap into the minds of the apparel import community's most experienced experts and educators—learning at your own page, and at a reasonable cost!

Apparel 101 provides an overview of import basics and responsibilities when importing apparel products. Learn what you need to know about classification, labeling, and working with U.S. government agencies, including fulfilling your "reasonable care" requirements with U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

A photo of a rack of suit jackets from dark blue to light gray on Apparel 101 page
This six-part course includes the following modules:
  • How to import in the United States
  • Classification
  • Valuation
  • Labeling
  • Duty-Free Programs
  • Other Government Agencies

Upon completion of the course, you'll be thinking like an apparel import specialist—complete with a certificate to help you move up in your company or pursue your dream job at a leading fashion brand retailer, importer, or wholesaler.

Apparel 101 is completely self-paced and online, including the final exam. Unlike the NEI's Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) and Certified Export Specialist (CES) programs, Apparel 101 is not a certification program.


$330 for NCBFAA/USFIA members and $660 for non-members. Bulk registration discounts are available; please email for more information.

Enjoy member benefits for the next year and immediate savings on your education expenses by becoming a Member!

Non-member firms can join the Association now by clicking here and submitting a completed application form with payment.

If your firm is not eligible for NCBFAA membership, you may still take advantage of member rates by signing up as a  Professional Member.


  • Expand your knowledge of import procedures for apparel
  • Keep current with regulatory changes affecting the apparel industry
  • Great introduction for someone new to the world of apparel importing

Ready to Enroll?


If you believe Apparel 101 is the right course for you or your team, register now! No application required.

Apparel 101 enrollments are performed on Wednesday mornings.

Who Should Enroll?

Individuals working in the apparel import industry, interested in expanding their fundamental knowledge of the industry.

Key Topics

This course covers many important topics relating to import transaction basics, U.S. import requirements, and more. Click here to view the complete course outline.

Continuing Education Credits

10 CCS/MCS credits will be awarded to individuals who are active CCS or MCS designees, while 5 CES/MES credits will be awarded to individuals who are active CES or MES designees. Please note completion of the course counts towards continuing education credits for recertification but not the designation itself.