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Tool Kit for Local Associations

Welcome! The Affiliated Presidents Network (APN) has created this page of reference materials for the exclusive use of our Affiliated Presidents, Secretariats and/or their designees. Issues concerning governance, membership, law, marketing and other challenges will be addressed in these as well as future postings.

Access to this valuable material is limited; we encourage you to share with your full membership NCBFAA calls to action, news blasts, event updates and any information that we place on the public section of our website. 

Please encourage those who do not have NCBFAA memberships to join if they wish to view the following information that is behind the membership login firewall.

For the folks that wish to join NCBFAA in order to view our members only information, they are welcome to email

Reference Materials


Legal Issues

Letter Template for Soliciting Pro Bono Legal Aid
Confidentiality & Nondisclosure Agreement
Important Issue on the NCBFAA's New Form 990


Form Document Retention Policy
Board Orientation
Chapter Fidelity
Conflict of Interest Policy & Procedures


Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher


Commercial General Liability
The Myths about D&O Insurance
Insurance & Other Contractual Risk Transfers
Maximizing a Nonprofit's Insurance Coverage

Education Programs

Form 100: Request for Recognition of Eligibility for Organizations
Form 200: Attendance Template

Conference Sample Art Proof