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Affiliate/NCBFAA Webinars

Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Enhance Trade-based Compliance and Risk Management

Tuesday, May 31st

10:00 am to 11:30 am ET
1.5 CCS Credit
$45 for Members | $65 for Non-Members

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This webinar series will offer a comprehensive overview of trade-based compliance from an enforcement perspective and insight into how data analytics and open-source trade data can be used by U.S. customs brokers to manage the emerging trade compliance obstacles. 

The webinar presenters will lead trainees in a discussion on how these big data tools are used to solve compliance issues, and how they can be integrated into already established corporate internal compliance and risk assessment systems. 

About the Presenters

Timothy N. Gildea
Special Agent (Retired), NU Borders LLC

Prior to founding NU Borders LLC, Special Agent (Retired) Timothy N. Gildea worked for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and its predecessor agency U.S. Customs Service from 1983 to 2014. He has conducted numerous cross-border crime investigations and served on several forces including the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Transportation Task Force. From 2003 to 2009, Gildea served at the Assistant ICE Attaché, Toronto Office. He has also served as a Special Agent and Counter-Proliferation Investigations Program Manager in Boston, MA, and Washington, DC, respectively. 


Michael Ronayne
Customs/Investigative Subject Matter Expert, NU Borders LLC

Michael Ronayne worked for over twenty years in federal law enforcement investigating transnational criminal organizations. Most recently, Ronayne was Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Global Trade Investigations Division of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Boston. Previously, Ronanye worked at HSI headquarters as the Unit Chief of the Counter Proliferation Investigations Unit in Vienna, VA. Prior to his assignment at HSI headquarters, Ronayne was a group supervisor at HSI Philadelphia for six years where he was responsible for investigating a broad range of violations pertaining to the illegal export of military equipment and dual-use technology. He currently serves as the Customs/Investigative Subject Matter Expert at NU Borders

Martin Piatek
Director of Data Science NU Borders LLC

Martin Piatek has over ten years of experience as an analyst and data scientist for numerous law enforcement agencies from Stockton, California to the Baltimore City Police Department. He has experience delivering multi-day data analytics trainings to Law Enforcement end-users and frequently translates the customer, end-users’ requests to actionable business rules. At NU Borders, Piatek currently conducts analytics using the Business Intelligence for Trade Enforcement (BITE) platform and performs due diligence research as the Director of Data Science. 

Emma Reinhalter 
Senior Program Officer, NU Borders LLC

Emma Reinhalter, the Senior Program Officer at NU Borders, is responsible for managing the Department of State contracts as well as coordinating training programs for all of NU Borders' customers. Ms. Reinhalter works closely with NU Borders' data analyst and data science teams. Her prior experience includes over seven years of experience in Washington, DC for a Department of State-funded intercultural exchange program and instructor at an adult English language school. Prior to working in DC, Emma worked and lived in Thailand for five years directing various nonprofit programs.


About Nu Borders, LLC

NU Borders is a D.C./Boston-based data analytics and information technology firm focused on helping the intelligence community, private sector, and government agencies to strengthen their border enforcement, trade compliance, and customs regulations efforts through advanced technological solutions and custom services. NU Borders created the Business Intelligence for Trade Enforcement (BITE) platform, an analytical suite of tools, to improve compliance and enforcement capabilities and allow trade groups the ability to quickly ingest, analyze and leverage their data to identify suspicious activity within the supply chain.