U.S., Canadian, Mexican Associations Unite to Address Customs Issues

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San Antonio, TXDuring meetings at its Annual Conference here, executives from the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America, Inc. (NCBFAA), Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) and Confederacion de Asociaciones de Agentes Aduanales de la Republica Mexicana (CAAAREM) reached a formal agreement to jointly address Customs matters of mutual concern to their respective memberships.
        Customs brokers in the three countries handle between 80 and 95 percent of all import transactions on behalf of hundreds of thousands of traders.
        Topics they will deal with include:

    • U.S. Customs 24 hour rule.
    • Security concerns.
    • Receiving advanced information from carriers, exporters and shippers that do business among the three countries
    • Taking full advantage of the efficiencies of the automated systems in all three countries
    • And numerous other areas of common concern.

        "This will bind the entire North American trade community and provide a mechanism for addressing the regulatory and business issues that affect us all," said NCBFAA President Federico Zuniga.
        "Businesses are looking for more streamlined and harmonized procedures across borders," said CSCB President Carol West, "and this is a perfect opportunity to work together and with our governments to make it happen."
        Speaking for CAAAREM, Vice President Alejandro Ramos-Gil said, "The group will jointly address our concerns relating to customs issues that affect our mutual interest, with respect to national security, environmental issues and the economy of our regions."
        "We must learn from our past and work in the present to create a better future" he continued, "for the customs brokers profession and for international traders."
        With headquarters in Washington, DC, the NCBFAA (www.ncbfaa.org) represents nearly 700 member companies - the nation's leading freight forwarders, customs brokers, ocean transportation intermediaries (OTIs) and air cargo agents. Established in 1897 in New York, NCBFAA is the strong, effective national voice of the industry. Through its various committees, counsel and representatives, the Association maintains a close watch over legislative and regulatory issues that affect its members. It keeps them informed of these and other related issues through its weekly Monday Morning eBriefingQuarterly NCBFAA Bulletin, and various meetings and conferences throughout the year.
        The CSCB is one of the most authoritative, respected organizations in the Canadian trade and transportation industry. Currently among its membership are more than 160 corporate members, 500 Certified Customs Specialists and 700 students. The membership also includes many associate members who are not customs brokers but who are actively involved in trade or trade facilitation services. A key priority for the CSCB is to work with government and private sector partners to develop new, innovative solutions to emerging challenges in the international trade community.
        CAAAREM, Mexico´s National Custom Broker Confederation represents the common interests of more than 880 skilled professionals who, integrated in 38 Associations, offer personal services and assistance in Foreign Trade and International Logistic Services. Created more than 60 years ago, this organization supports and promotes relevant activities for its confederated members. Specialized consulting services are offered through a combined structure --- a Custom Brokers Committee, and a full-time professional staff of experts in areas such as: consulting; technical assistance;, professional training and development; and national assembly representatives


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