NCBFAA's "New Normal at the FMC" Summit is a Perfect Reason to Visit the Nation's Capital


Are you looking to get away for a few days? Want some place where the weather is nice and warm with plenty of sights to? Need to learn about the latest Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) rules and decisions that will affect your business for years to come? Well, you’re in luck! Washington, D.C. is home to everything you want and more! That’s because the NCBFAA is hosting our first annual “New Normal at the FMC” Summit and you’re invited!


On June 24, FMC Chairman Michael A. Khouri, Commissioners Rebecca Dye and Daniel Maffei, as well as other FMC Senior Managers will address the latest regulatory development and compliance requirements that are sure to impact your bottom line! During the sessions you will learn the status of current initiatives as well as what plans are underway for future regulatory endeavors.


Along with these key players from the FMC, several NCBFAA subject matter experts and Custom and Border Protection (CBP) staff will be on hand to clarify additional issues of concern to you, your clients, and your enterprise.


While you’re in D.C., why not also make an appointment with your Representatives in Congress to ensure they fully understand the implications and ramifications of any trade-related legislation placed before them. Make a difference in your community and for your business by ensuring your voice is heard!


With all that’s going on in international trade, you owe it to yourself to attend our “New Normal at the FMC” Summit! So what are you waiting for? Register today!

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