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NCBFAA President Highlights Membership Benefits to
Regional Associations


Washington, DC: During recent addresses to two Affiliated Associations, National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America, Inc. (NCBFAA) President Darrell Sekin reminded them of the importance of local/national volunteerism to better serve clients, improve business and protect livelihoods. On Tuesday, he spoke with the Atlanta International Forwarders and Brokers Association and, on Thursday, he visited the Customs Brokers and International Freight Forwarders of VA.

Showcasing the ongoing efforts of the NCBFAA’s Committees, President Sekin underscored the vital work these groups perform on behalf of the Association and the industry.

The NCBFAA Customs Committee received the most attention given its significant role. “The Committee’s heavy workload includes every major initiative affecting customs brokers today,” he said. “ACE, role of the broker, CEEs, trade transformation are just some of the topics in which the Committee is currently engaged.” He encouraged all in attendance to participate in ACE and to make sure their software vendors are up to speed on the system’s functionality.

He touched on continuing education and its importance to trade participants’ futures. “Regardless of which side of the line you fall on in this discussion it is fairly hard to argue against some kind of continuing education plan for our industry,” he pointed out. “If we want to continue to be viable players . . . and be recognized for the professionals that we claim to be then we need to make sure that we all are abreast of the latest and most up-to-date information in the industry and that we are truly the experts.”

In other comments, President Sekin noted that:

·   The Transportation Committee has had its moments as it pushed back against the FMC’s efforts to through their Advanced Notice of proposed rulemaking to institute increase bonding and increased administrative burden.   MAP-21 another issue addressed by the Transportation Committee is yet another instance of increased government bonding and increased administrative burden all of which means increased costs.

·   The Regulatory Agencies Committee continued to work with government agencies to protect members from getting stuck with liability by many of these agencies simply because our members, acting as agents, file entries for their clients and these agencies don’t understand the role of agency law.

·   NCBFAA National Education Institute’s CCS and CES programs really give members, particularly small to medium sized businesses, the opportunity to drive the education on the industry to the desk level.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the NCBFAA represents more than 970 member companies with 110,000 employees in international trade - the nation's leading freight forwarders, customs brokers, ocean transportation intermediaries (OTIs), NVOCCs and air cargo agents, serving more than 250,000 importers and exporters. Established in 1897 in New York, NCBFAA is the effective national voice of the industry. Through its various committees, counsel and representatives, the Association maintains a close watch over legislative and regulatory issues that affect its members. It keeps them informed of these and other related issues through its weekly Monday Morning eBriefing, and various meetings and conferences throughout the year.


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