If I receive my broker’s license, how can I become a CCS?
If you are a licensed broker, you can grandfather in the CCS program at anytime. Please follow these steps to grandfather in the program:

1.  Go to the registration site.

2.  Enter your username and password

3.  Click "Add to Cart" and submit payment

4.  Email a copy of your license

I am a licensed broker. Must I be a member of the NCBFAA to obtain a CCS designation?
No, it is not a requirement to be an NCBFAA member in order to obtain your CCS designation.
I am not a licensed broker and not a member of the NCBFAA, how can I become a CCS?
If you have a minimum of one year’s practical experience in the import industry, you may obtain your CCS designation by enrolling and completing the required study courses and passing the CCS exam. Applicants with less than one year experience are reviewed on a case by case basis.
My company is not eligible to be a member of the NCBFAA, but I would like to receive the discounted rate for all educational programs offered.
Individuals may join the NCBFAA’s Educational Institute (NEI), which will entitle you to the member discount rate for all NCBFAA offered programs. NEI membership info is available on the NEI page.
CCS Points
When are my CCS credits due?
Effective July 2015, the renewal system has been updated from a fixed annual date to an anniversary date system. All designees must complete their credits by the "Expiration Date" listed under the "Certifications" tab of their transcript. For instance, if your certification expiration date is "7/1/2016," you must complete your 20 required credits by 6/30/2016.  If you grandfathered into the program, please refer to the information available here.
*Note: If you work for an MOU company, your renewal is fixed on a calendar year basis, so your credits are due on December 31st each year.
If I attend a local U.S. Customs seminar or other government sponsored event, will that count towards my CCS Point requirement?
Please submit a Form 100, event agenda, and proof of registration to for review and approval of credits.  The event approval fee of $25 is waived for any government sponsored event.
Question: Where do I find a record of my current CCS Points?
2.   Login to your account and click on "Transcript"


?What if something I attended isn't reflected?

If you think your record is incomplete please email and provide us with proof of your attendance or completion of the event.
What if I accumulate more than 20 CCS Points per calendar year?
CCS Points in excess of the required 20 will not roll over into the following year. 
CCS Materials
What happens if I lose my membership pin or certificate?
Contact the NCBFAA, and we will send you a replacement. The charge for replacement of a CCS certificate is $10, please click here to learn more.
If I want to renew my CCS designation, when is my $95.00 renewal fee due?
The annual renewal fee of $95.00 is due no later than three months following your certification expiration date. (For January renewals, the fee must be paid by March 31st.) If you fail to renew by the three month deadline, a $15 late fee will be added to your renewal.
When will I receive my invoice to renew my designation?
If you complete your 20 CCS credits in your certification year, the NEI staff will email you a renewal notice within the month your certification expires. You will not receive a renewal inivitation if you do not complete your credits.
What happens if I do not pay my annual fee?
A failure to pay the annual fee means that you are no longer entitled to use the designation. The CCS certification lapses and you must reinstate by paying the penalty fee of $145 (for one year lapsed) or $245 (for two year plus years lapsed). If you wish to look into other options, please contact
Calendar of Approved CCS Events
Web-based programs
How do I go about requesting that an event be considered for CCS Points?
Please select Continuing Education Program for more instruction and forms.
CCS ID Number
Where can I find my CCS ID number?
The CCS ID number can be found two ways:
1.  Login to LogisticsEI
2.  Roll over your name in the upper right-hand corner and click on     "My Account"
3.  Your ID # should be listed under "User Information"?
1.  Login to the Education site
2.  Once you have logged in, click on "individual profile"
3.  Your CCS ID# will be listed under your personal contact information. PLEASE NOTE: CCS/CES/NEI & NCBFAA ID # are all synonymous.

CCS Grandfathering

All CCS designates grandfathering into the program will be required to maintain their mandatory 20 CEU credits immediately and must have their credits by the end of their renewal year. If you're unsure if your renewal is on a calendar year or anniversary year, please contact
When do I pay my fees?
Once grandfathered, you will be required to renew annually like all other CCS designates. To find your personal renewal year, login to LogisticsEI, click on "Transcript" and click on "Certifications." Here you will find your certification dates.

CCS Certification and Membership

While we understand the confusion, no. Membership and the CCS designation are two separate things. The CCS is a professional continuing education designation which you need to maintain by earning 20 continuing education credits and paying an annual renewal fee each year. You can be an active CCS designee without being a member, which is not required. Membership can be received by being an employee of an NCBFAA member, or by joining as an NEI Professional Member, which is an individual membership. Members enjoy discounted rates on NEI courses and events such as webinars and G.TEC. If you have any questions about your membership status, please email us at
More Questions? 
Contact NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI) at

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