About the NEI Case Studies


Case studies are free short, online quizzes that the NEI offers to its active CCS, CES, and MES designees as a way to complete their yearly credit requirements. Each case study is worth at least 6 credits and is marked clearly whether it is worth CCS or CES/MES credits, or both. For more information on case studies, please click here.



The case studies are available on a calendar year basis and expire on December 31st each year. If you require the case studies to earn your credits, please be sure to abide by this deadline. The 2019 Case Studies are no longer available. 



2020 CCS Case Studies (CCS credits also count towards MCS designation requirements)


2020 CCS Case Study #001 - Determining Bond Amounts

2020 CCS Case Study #002 - Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962

* = Dual Credit; Counts towards both CCS & CES/MES designations



In 2015, the NEI launched its new learning management system, the Logistics Educational Interface (LogisticsEI), where the case studies are now housed. (They are no longer listed on If you need assistance logging in or have any questions, please contact


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