We Need Your Support for the Customs Business Fairness Act (H.R. 2261)


Below is a template email for you to send to your Senate and House offices in support of adding H.R. 2661 into the stimulus package. This bill would go a long way in protecting our members during this unprecedented time of upheaval and uncertainty. When sending your email, we ask that you also attach these two supporting documents; a one-page overview and bill text.


Thank you in advance for your efforts to reach out to your Members of Congress on this important initiative! 





I hope this email finds you well! As you know, customs brokers play an important role in the duty payment process at U.S. ports, serving as a pass-through entity for the collection and payment of duties to Customs and Border Protection (CBP).


Customs brokers collect duties from importers and pay CBP on the importer's behalf. In performing this role, customs brokers are often stuck with an unfair burden when an importer they work with declares bankruptcy. H.R. 2261, the Customs Business Fairness Act requests a technical change in the bankruptcy laws to provide relief for customs brokers who have paid duties to CBP on behalf of importers who subsequently file for bankruptcy. Please find attached an overview of the bill and bill text.


We believe that many importers may find the need to file bankruptcy due to the issues surrounding the COVID-19 crisis and the disruption to businesses it has caused. Many importers will not be able to sustain being in business if they are not able to operate fully. Therefore, we respectfully request including H.R. 2661 in forthcoming stimulus packages.


This would be a huge relief for [INSERT STATE] custom brokers and will prevent bankruptcies from causing further damage to trade and economic recovery. This provision has no cost associated with it - we are not seeking a bailout of any kind. 


Thank you for your consideration!

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