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Wednesday, July 29th, 2020



1:00 - 2:30PM  ET   |   The Crucial Impact of Internal Controls in Audits & Investigations: 

 Why they are essential and even more relevant today, with real-life examples from the trenches by two former CBP  Auditors



Précis: On June 1, 2020, the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued an updated version of its “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Program” guidance ( This is another reminder of the DOJ’s heightened focus regarding evaluating compliance programs during investigations and CBP’s internal control focus during audits. When was the last time you had an evaluation of the adequacy of your internal controls?  Do you know the difference between tests of control vs. tests of compliance?  Learn from former CBP auditors the importance of Internal Controls and Risk Assessments as a critical component of any strong internal control program.  






  • Cindy Deleon | Founder & Sr. Trade Auditor, Deleon Trade | Former CBP, Regulatory Audit, Asst. Field Director
  • Kristin Simonson | Sr. Trade Auditor, Deleon Trade | Former CBP, Regulatory Audit, Asst. Field Director





Week One

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020



12:00 - 12:05PM ET     |     Welcome and Opening Remarks by Federico C. Zuniga

        Executive Director, NCBFAA Educational Institute




12:05 - 12:25PM ET   |   Opening Remarks by Mr. Robert E. Perez

    Deputy Commissioner, CBP





12:25 - 1:45PM ET    |    USMCA is Official: What Does this Mean for Trade?  



Précis: USMCA has finally passed.  What does this mean to the International Trade community?  How is this agreement different from NAFTA?  Will all the rulings I have under NAFTA need to be updated for them to be valid for USMCA?  What changes did we get on country of origin rules? So many questions need to be answered.  Our speakers will give answers from each of the countries involved: United States, Mexico, and Canada.





  • Adrienne Braumiller | President, Braumiller Consulting Group, LLC
  • Kim Campbell | Founder, Mkmarin Trade Services Inc.
  • Miriam Name | Partner, Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton, L.L.P.





1:45 - 3:00PM ET   |   Managing the Future Supply Chain Environment



Précis: The unpredictability of today’s supply chain brings new challenges to our industry.  Working with trade partners, dealing with new trade agreements--not to mention the dramatic impact the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic produced.  In this session we will discuss how we can better manage this very diverse and complex supply chain.





  • Suzanne Richer | Director Global Trade Academy, E2OPEN
  • Craig Seelig | Customs and Govt Compliance, WiseTech Global
  • Jason Givens | KPMG




Wednesday, August 5th, 2020



12:00 - 12:10PM ET   |   Welcome and Opening Remarks by Federico C. Zuniga

    Executive Director, NCBFAA Educational Institute




12:10 - 1:30PM ET   |    Shared Liability on Section 201, 232, and 301 Entries: It is Not Going Away Any Time Soon



Précis: With the increase in programs such as the Section 201, 232 and 301 entries, we need to understand the liability each party involved in the transaction has.  Whether it is keeping up  with the cases being filed and if they affect the products you are importing, or the proper classification of products being imported or the makeup of your product, everyone has a role in the proper reporting to the government.  Get a better understanding of what your role is and the consequences when you don’t do your part.





  • Su Ross | Partner, MSK
  • Michelle Schulz | Shareholder, Polsinelli
  • Lawrence W Hanson | The Law Office of Lawrence W. Hanson





1:40 - 3:00PM ET    |    Best Practices for Export Compliance/Drafting an Export Compliance Policy for Your Company to Deal with Heightened Export Control



Précis: A good export compliance program ensures and proves your business is not transacting business with terrorists and terrorist organizations, drug traffickers, human rights violators, regimes producing weapons of mass destruction, and other restricted parties. It also ensures you are not supplying controlled goods and technologies to companies themselves restricted, denied, sanctioned, or blocked.  During this session learn best practices for export control compliance.





  • Olga Torres | Managing Member, Torres Law, PLLC
  • Paulette Kolba | Founding Member, NCBFAA Export Compliance Committee



3:15–4:15PM ET  |  G.TEC SOCIAL HOUR




Thursday, August 6th, 2020



12:00 - 12:10PM ET   |   Welcome and Opening Remarks by Federico C. Zuniga

    Executive Director, NCBFAA Educational Institute


12:10 - 1:30PM ET   |   Country of Origin Issues and What You Need to Verify Origin Determination



Précis: In a world of section 301 and 232 duties, determining country of origin (COO) can pose a real challenge. Unlike rules of value and classification, COO rules are not harmonized internationally.  Countries often develop their own COO test or adopt one from a free trade agreement. We also have a great deal of change occurring to Raw Materials Sourcing due to the disruption of trade from the COVID-19 pandemic. During this session, hear from our presenters on what steps you can take to ensure you are properly determining country of origin.





  • George Tuttle, III | Attorney, George R Tuttle Law Offices
  • Lawrence M. Friedman | Partner, Barnes/Richardson





1:40 - 3:00PM ET   |    When Was the Last Time You Looked at FTZs? It Might be Time to Look Again 



Précis: Foreign Trade Zones are one of the tools Importers and Exporters use to mitigate the financial aspects, as well as time sensitive aspects, of International Trade.  Get updates and tactics you can use in your own companies to increase margins and improve the flow of goods to the final consumer, especially during this challenging time.





  • Melissa Irmen | Senior Vice President, ISCM Inc.
  • Shannon Fura | Page-Fura, P.C.



Week Two

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020



12:00 - 12:10PM ET   |    Welcome and Opening Remarks by Federico C. Zuniga

     Executive Director, NCBFAA Educational Institute




12:10 - 1:30PM ET    |     CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria Requirements: How Does This Change the Game? 



Précis: CTPAT, as so many aspects of our daily work, continues to evolve. Is your own CTPAT program up to date with all the changes? Do the current changes improve the reliability of the data being used in your entry transmissions to the Government? Get a better understanding of what changes have been made to the CTPAT program and how these changes affect the way you participate in the program.





  • Lenny P. Feldman | Member, ST&R
  • Rennie Alston | Chief Executive Officer, American River Group





1:40 - 3:00PM ET   |    Forced Labor Enforcement & TFTEA: Enforcement is Here; How Does COVID-19 Play Into It?



Précis: CBP prohibits the importation of merchandise mined, produced or manufactured, wholly or in part, in any foreign country by forced or indentured child labor.  The enforcement of these rule since the passage of TFTEA is now intensified.  What can you do to make sure the product you are moving does not fall into this category? Find out what you can do to make sure this problem does not affect you.





  • Lisa Gelsomino | President, Avalon Risk Management
  • Jennifer (Jen) Diaz | Attorney, Diaz Trade Law



Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

12:00 - 12:05PM ET    |    Welcome and Opening Remarks by Cecilia Ferrara

      Director, NCBFAA Educational Institute




12:05 - 1:30PM ET   |   Adjusting to the New Work Environment, Virtual Workspace, and Managing Employees Virtually



Précis: When the COVID-19 Pandemic became a reality, companies in our industry were forced to change their business model.  Our workforce was asked to work remotely and still keep the movement of trade flowing into and out of the United States.  Companies have adopted software and procedures to continue moving and properly declaring international goods.  This session will discuss best practices for adjusting to this change, both as a manager and employee.





  • Beth Pride | President, BPE Global
  • Kelly Raia | Managing Director, BlueTiger International





1:35 - 3:00PM ET    |    INCOTERMS 2020, Limit Your Risk During These Uncertain Global Economic Times



Précis: Whether you are a Service provider, Importer, or Exporter, INCOTERMS are an important part of your International trade transaction.  INCOTERMS determine the time of ownership of the goods and liability against any loss during the movement of International trade.  Get an update on the INCOTERMS now in effect and how to best protect your company by the proper use of this extremely important tool, which has never been as important as during these uncertain times in the global economy.





  • Bonnie Kersch | Senior Trade Advisor, Braumiller Consulting Group, LLC
  • Jim Trubits | Vice President of Business DevelopmentMohawk Global Logistics



Thursday, August 13th, 2020

12:00 - 12:05PM ET    |    Welcome and opening remarks by Federico C. Zuniga

      Executive Director, NCBFAA Educational Institute




12:10 - 1:30PM ET    |     Reducing Risk on International Trade During Uncertain Times



Précis: In today’s dynamic trade environment, it is challenging to maintain proper Bond coverage for your International trade transactions.  It is also hard to determine what Insurance is best to protect the value of the International Trade commodity during transit to the ultimate consumer.  Hear from experts on how to manage your bonding requirements as well as remove some of the risk associated with the movement of International trade goods.





  • Keith Sanchez | DVP, Avalon Risk Management
  • Colleen Clark | VP, Surety Trade Relations, Roanoke Trade
  • Jason Wieselman | VP Business Development Manager, IB&M






1:40 - 3:00PM ET    |    FDA Programs Update/International Movement of PPE



Précis: This session will discuss the various programs implemented by FDA to Modernize the reporting and tracking of products being imported into the United States which are reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.  We will be discussing programs such as FSVP (Foreign Suppliers Verification Program) as well as other programs you can utilize to streamline the process of importing goods into the United States. We will also review tools the FDA offers importers to properly file the necessary data with the agency, as well as the regulations around the importation and exportation of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).





  • Myra Reynolds | Compliance Director, John S. James
  • Alison Nicoli | Branch Chief, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Coley Anderson | Ind & Gov Relations Director, Registrar Corp.




3:15–4:15PM ET  |  G.TEC SOCIAL HOUR


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