Dangerous Goods: Radioactive Materials

Dangerous Goods: Radioactive Materials

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Worth 15 CES credits, this course provides advanced awareness and procedural training in the shipment of radioactive materials (RM) by all modes of transportation. Coverage here significantly exceeds the Class 7 general awareness training found in most general-purpose DG certification training, and assumes the student has already been trained and certified in general dangerous goods shipping requirements. It is intended as advanced training for shippers, freight forwarders and other transportation personnel who will physically handle, arrange shipment of and/or load radioactive materials (other than RM in limited quantities and/or excepted packaging) into overpacks and conveyances, including intermodal containers. This training is not sufficient to qualify a person to classify RM, design packaging for RM or apply for Competent Authority approvals. This training provides general awareness of the following topics.

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