CTPAT for U.S. Importer Personnel

CTPAT for U.S. Importer Personnel


Worth 4 CCS points, this basic-level course is designed to meet the CTPAT requirements for all employees who must understand, perform or otherwise comply with operational security measures. It will encompass all of the minimum security focus areas and the categories that "must" be met. We begin with the requirements for all CTPAT members and their business partners. The course concludes by discussing the benefits, eligibility requirements, and specific criteria for U.S. Importers.

Note: Because the implementation of CTPAT security measures varies somewhat by company, this course, as is, can provide only general-purpose coverage of these topics. For companies with more than a few people to train, we recommend customization of this training to add company-specific security policy and procedures. The GISTware system which hosts this training facilitates such customization; please contact for specifics. 

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