c. Intro to U.S. Export Controls and Declaration Procedures (for Forwarders)

c. Intro to U.S. Export Controls and Declaration Procedures (for Forwarders)

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Worth 14.5 CES CEUs, this course provides a process-oriented introduction to U.S. export control and declaration requirements as routinely encountered in the work of a freight forwarder.

This course is intended as a primer for entry-level personnel, and a means of filling in gaps that many mid-level freight forwarder clerks and customer service employees may have in their understanding of this important topic.

Everyone who documents export shipments, enters and/or transmits Electronic Export Information (EEI), and places AES exemption statements on transport documents should have this or equivalent training in order to help avoid becoming involved in export violations.

As a short introductory course, however, we do not herein address the much broader full range of U.S. export control and compliance topics. Nor do we cover all the informational requirements, forwarder authorization and other advanced issues surrounding proper preparation and transmission of EEI. These topics are covered in detail in other GISTnet courses. However, the study text for this course does contain many references and links to more detailed information as found elsewhere in the GISTnet Library should a learner wish to pursue particular topics in more detail. For more information, click here.

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