C1.2 Introduction to Incoterms for Forwarders & Customs Brokers (2020)

C1.2 Introduction to Incoterms for Forwarders & Customs Brokers (2020)


Worth 6 CES or CCS CEUs, this is a short training designed as an introduction to Incoterms (Trade Terms) in the context of international forwarding operations. We address:

  • What Incoterms (trade terms) are.
  • Why it is important for a forwarder to understand them and the respective responsibilities of the seller and buyer.
  • Typical challenges a forwarder can face with trade terms in preparing shipping quotation and at the time of shipment, and how to address such challenges.

Note: As an intro-level course, we do not address in depth what shippers need to know in negotiating trade terms, and what shippers and forwarders need to understand concerning project and other specialized shipping requirements.

For shippers/exporters we recommend GISTnet course, Export-Import Transaction Fundamentals; Using Incoterms. For forwarder managers and supervisors, we recommend course, Working with Incoterms, including Practical Concerns & Forwarder Issues at Time of Shipment. For additional details, click here.

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