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Checkpoint Learning

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BRK 101: Broker Fundamentals
BRK 102: Customs Broker Exam Basics
2.5 CCS
BRK 301: Customs Broker License Exam Preparation
20 CCS
CLA 101: Classification I
CLA 102: Classification FTA's
1.5 CCS
CLA 103: Antidumping Counterveiling Duties1.5 CCS
CLA 201: Classification II10 CCS
CMP 101: Import Compliance1 CCS
CMP 102: Using Import Documents2 CCS
CMP 103: Introduction to CBP1 CCS
CMP 104: Managing Other Government Agencies1.5 CCS
CMP 105: Country of Origin Marking1 CCS
CMP 106: Understanding the Entry Summary1.5 CCS
CMP 107: Post Entry Responsibilities4 CCS
CMP 108:  Understanding the Automated Commercial Environment4 CCS
CMP 201: C-TPAT Start to Finish2.5 CCS
CMP 202: Understanding the Customs Regulations4 CCS
CMP 203:  Import Compliance II2 CCS
CMP 301: Importing Internet Purchases4 CCS
CMP 302: Intellectual Property Laws & Import Protection1 CCS
EU 101: Defining the EU3 CCS or CES
EU 102: Transit - Rules, Obligations, and Risks3 CCS or CES
EU 103: Special Customs Regimes3 CCS or CES
EU 104: Incoterms3 CCS or CES
EU 105: Global Security Programs
3 CCS or CES
EU 106: Compliance Strategy3 CCS or CES
EU 107: Export Controls3 CCS or CES
EU 108: Fiscal & Customs Representation
3 CCS or CES
EXP 101: Export Overview4 CES
EXP 102: Key Export Regulations3.5 CES
EXP 103: Basic Export Process3.5 CES
EXP 104: Technology/Software/Technical Data3.5 CES
EXP 105: Restricted Parties3.5 CES
EXP 106: Embargoes4 CES
EXP 107: Restrictive Trade Practices (Anti-boycott)4 CES
EXP 108: Documentation/Recordkeeping
EXP 109: Free Trade Agreements6 CCS or CES
EXP 110: Jurisdiction/Classification6 CCS or CES
EXP 201: International Traffic in Arms5 CCS or CES
PRC 101:  Basic Import Process - Purchasing4 CCS
PRC 102:  Basic Import Process: Foreign Suppliers4 CCS
PRC 103: Basic Import Process: Logistics4 CCS or CES
PRC 104: Basic Import Process: Importing4 CCS
PRC 105:  Basic Import Process:  Customs Brokers4 CCS
PRC 106:  Basic Import Process:  Receiving4 CCS
PRC 107:  Basic Import Process:  Finance4 CCS
PRC 108: Basic Import Process: Engineering4 CCS
PRC 110: International
1.5 CCS or CES
PRC 201: Intermediate Import Process
1.5 CCS or CES
PRC 301: Transportation Cost Analysis12 CCS or CES
VAL 101: Valuation 1011.5 CCS
VAL 201: Valuation 2018 CCS or CES