NCBFAA Board of Directors

Antitrust Avoidance Statement

I have been asked to remind all of you in attendance that various state and federal laws prohibit the exchange of information among competitors regarding matters pertaining to price, refusals to deal, market division, tying relationships and other topics which might infringe upon antitrust regulations, and that no such exchange or discussion will be tolerated during this meeting. These guidelines apply not only to the formal meeting sessions, but to informal discussions during breaks, meals or social gatherings. Thank you for your cooperation.


NCBFAA Board of Director Meetings Minutes


President Amy Magnus
Chairman of the Board Geoffrey Powell
Vice President Janet Fields
Treasurer Scott E. Larson
Secretary Gerald Becnel
Executive Vice President Megan Montgomery
Area 1 Amy Slavko
Area 1 Karen Damon
Area 2 Tom Marzano
Area 2 Dave Corn
Area 3 Patricia Carvalho
Area 3 Bruce Goodwin
Area 4 Gabriel Rodriguez
Area 4 Pamela Brown
Area 5 Monica DeMars
Area 5 Merit Tremper
Area 6 Brenda Custer-Espeleta
Area 6 Victoria Lane
Area 7 Jaynette Kettler
Area 7 William Kraus
Area 8 Angelica Quintanilla
Area 8 Jose D. Gonzalez
Area 9 Wayne Wagner
Area 9 Maurine Cecil
Customs Counsel Alan R. Klestadt
General & Transportation Counsel Edward D. Greenberg, Esq.
Legislative Representative Jonathan H. Kent
Senior Counselors


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