Join NEI for a webinar on Navigating Prior Notice and Admissibility of Imported Food – Roles of Import Divisions Review and Compliance on October 3rd


Congress granted the FDA's authority imported products through various laws and regulations. Imported products regulated by the US Food Drug Administration continue increasing at a faster rate by 5-10 percent per year for the last decade, and those percentages expect to keep rising. In fiscal year 2018 the FDA received more than 43,000 lines of which about 31% were related to imported food products requiring prior notice.


All importers/submitters or a person with knowledge are required to submit a prior notice for food regardless of monetary amount.  Submitting accurate and complete information at the time of entry, and responding in a timely manner to requests for additional documents/information, helps expedite the entry review process. Submitting inaccurate or incomplete information may delay the review of your entry.


All imported shipments of FDA-regulated products are reviewed by FDA and must comply with the same standards as domestic products. FDA determines whether products are admissible into U.S. commerce and may refuse entry of any products that violate or appear to violate FDA’s laws and regulations. Often frustrating and confusing for consumers is determining the appropriate within FDA Import Division agency to contact for issues related to Imports. This presentation focus on the differences between the Division of Food Defense Targeting and FDA Import Divisions


Topics to be covered:


           FSMA and Imports FDA unprecedented authority

FDA’s Division of Food Defense Targeting regulatory jurisdiction

                        Role and Responsibilities

                        Prior Notice Review Process

                        Common Prior Notice filling submission errors

                        Consequences for Prior Notice

            FDA Import Division regulatory jurisdiction

                        Role and Responsibilities

                        Admissibility Review Process

                        Common Admissibility filling submission errors

Consequences for Admissibility


           Understanding better the role of the DFDT and Division of Imports

Understanding the difference of compliance process between the two division


Join NEI and speaker Angel Suarez from EAS Consulting on Thursday, October 3rd from 12 to 1 p.m. ET for this important webinar!

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