NCBFAA Welcomes New Members


The NCBFAA Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the following 18 new members approved at the September 10 meeting in Washington, DC.




ACA International (USA) Inc., Hawthorne, CA

ALPI USA Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL

Cypress Import Brokerage LLC, Jacksonville, FL

Eastern Shipping Worldwide, Inc./Eric Wagner CHB Wood Dale, IL

Econoshippers, LLC, Silver Spring, MD

FAK Transportation Services, Laredo, TX

GCT, Inc., McLean, VA

Global Distribution and Logistics, LLC, Elgin, IL

InterTrade Customs Service, LLC, Laredo, TX

JOBCO Trade Services Inc., Laredo, TX

Megatrans Logistics, Inc. dba Orion International Mega-Logistics, Medley, FL

Seven Seas Shipping (USA) Inc., Irvine, CA

Spirit CHB, Inc. Garden, Grove, CA

Teamwork Customs House Broker Inc., Valley Stream, NY

Tranco Global Chattanooga, TN


Affiliate Members


DeCamp and Owens Trade Consultants, LLC, Plattsburgh, NY

Shelton Fleming, PLLC, Memphis, TN


Affiliate Association Member


Mid Valley Customs Brokers Association, Hildago, TX


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