What is CCS Grandfathering?
Licensed Customs Brokers may grandfather into the CCS program by submitting a copy of their license and remitting a $95 fee.  Once they are grandfathered in, they will be required to earn 20 credits every year.  In 2015, the NEI implemented anniversary dates. This means that instead of needing to earn their credits before the end of a calendar year, CCS designees have one year from the date they are enrolled into the program to earn their credits.  
For instance, if you grandfather into the program on 7/1/2016, you have until 7/1/2017 to earn your credits.
Steps to CCS Grandfather:

1. Go to the registration payment site.

2. Enter your username and password (if you do not have one, proceed to Step 3)

3. Click "Add to Cart" and submit payment

4. Email a copy of your license**

**Candidates who passed the Customs Broker Licensure Exam but have yet to receive their license may submit their Passing Letter from CBP in lieu of their license.  Once the candidate has received their license, they must submit it to the NEI ASAP for recordkeeping.


Questions about CCS Grandfathering? Please contact

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