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 Export of FDA Regulated Products from US to Other Countries: Export Certificates and Other Documents   Cost Varies   1 CES
 FDA Regulations for Importing and Exporting Medical Devices   Cost Varies     1 CCS/CES 
 FDA Regulations of Dietary Supplement Imports into the US   Cost Varies   1 CCS
  Cost Varies 
  1.5 CCS





 19 Essential Ways Export and Security are Partners in Compliance  $150.00   1.5 CES
 The ABC’s of Embargoes and Sanctions (2-Part Webinar) $295.00   1.5 CES per part
 Advanced Encryption Classification: Learning By Doing $150.00    1.5 CES
 Asia Pacific Export Controls 2017: The Year in Review and a Look Ahead $150.00    1.5 CES
 Beyond the Lord of War: Arms Brokering Under the ITAR Part 129 $150.00    1.5 CES
 BIS License Applications 748P: How to Prepare it and How to Ensure Best Possible Approval Time $150.00   1.5 CES
 Bringing Export Compliance into the New Century: A Roadmap for a Modern Export Compliance Program $150.00   1.5 CES
 Deemed Exports: Extremely Common and Commonly Misunderstood $150.00   1.5 CES
 DIY Encryption Classification 2017 Edition $150.00   1.5 CES
 Duty Free or Temporary Imports $150.00   1.5 CCS/CES 
 EAR Hardware Exceptions Explained $150.00   1.5 CES
 EAR Hardware and Materials Classification: Learning By Doing (2-Part Webinar) $295.00   1.5 CES per part 
 EAR License Exceptions: Learning By Doing (2-Part Webinar) $295.00   1.5 CES per part
 EAR Technology Classifications: Learning By Doing (2-Part Webinar) $295.00   1.5 CES per part
 Encryption Export Controls 2017 Update $150.00   1.5 CES
 Export Compliance Essentials for Defense Contractors and Subcontractors $150.00   1.5 CES
 Export Compliance Essentials for Sales and Marketing   $150.00     1.5 CES 
 Export Controls 101: Starting at the Beginning  $150.00   1.5 CES 
 Export Control Changes Recap...And What's Next for 2017  $150.00    1.5 CES
 Export Control Recordkeeping and Compliance Automation  $150.00    1.5 CES
 Exporting Under the NAFTA $150.00    1.5 CES
 Faculty or Consultant? Implications for University Export Compliance $150.00   1.5 CES
 From Hand-Carries to the Cloud: Global Technology (and Software) Export Controls $150.00   1.5 CES
 Fundamental Research Exclusion: Your Guide to Properly Applying It $150.00   1.5 CES
 Fundamental Research Exclusion: Your Guide to Properly Applying It (Part 2) $150.00   1 CES
 The Fundamentals of Product Classification $150.00   1.5 CES
 Fundamentals of US Reexport Controls $150.00   1.5 CES
 Global Export Control Lists and Classification Update 2018 $150.00   1.5 CES
 Harmonized Systems Classifications: Learning By Doing (2-Part Webinar) $295.00   1.5 CES per part
 How to Improve Export Compliance with Effective Audits $150.00   1.5 CES
 In the Beginning…An Introduction to Israel’s Dual-Use and Defense Export Control System $150.00   1.5 CES
 In Uncertain Times, the Only Certainty Is Enforcement $150.00   1.5 CCS/CES
 ITAR Hardware Exceptions Explained $150.00   1.5 CES
 Jurisdiction and Classification: Handling CJs, CCATs, Self-Determinations, and Creating JCA Systems $150.00   1.5 CES
 Making Lemonade Out of Consent Agreements $150.00   1.5 CES
 OFAC Enforcement Trends: Exporters in the Crosshairs $150.00   1.5 CES
 Risk Based Self-Assessment as a Critical Element to Measure Risk, Performance, and Improvement $150.00   1.5 CCS/CES
 Separating Signal from Noise: Effectively Measuring "Success" for an Export Compliance Program $150.00   1.5 CES
 Specially Designed: Increase Your Accuracy and Decrease Burdensome Controls (2-Part Webinar) $295.00   1.5 CES per part
 The Essentials and Challenges of Exporting Firearms and Ammunition $150.00   1.5 CES

 Welcome to the Club: An Overview of India's Dual-Use and Defense Export Control Systems

$150.00   1.5 CES



Joiner Law Firm

Introduction to the EAR: How to Determine if you Need a License from BIS to Export, Reexport, or Transfer your item

 Cost Varies    2 CES



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