The NCBFAA has invested much of its own time and resources to develop the tools your company needs to succeed in the transportation logistics industry. NCBFAA committees and officers have had a significant impact on regulatory and legislative decisions that have saved the industry, and inevitably your business, thousands of dollars in day-to and future operating costs.

With NCBFAA membership, you will gain exclusive access to a number of cost-saving opportunities.

  • Conference Registration Discounts: Members save an average of 25% on registration costs

  • Exhibitor Discounts: NCBFAA members save over 20% on their Exhibitor Booth registration compared to non-members 

  • Educational Institute (NEI) discounts: NCBFAA members save over 30% on webinars
  • NCBFAA Shippers Association: NCBFAA members can join and utilize the Shippers Association services to save money on contracts
  • Free access to numerous industry resouces developed by the NCBFAA exclusively for our members. Those items include:
    • NCBFAA Power of Attorney
    • NCBFAA Terms & Conditions
    • NCBFAA Bill of Lading
    • Monday Morning eBreifing
    • NCBFAA Blasts


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