Morris, Robert


Robert Morris, Jr. is the Vice President of Business Development and Compliance for Daniel B. Hastings, Inc., a U.S. customs brokerage company specializing in trade between the U.S. and Mexico. Part of his responsibilities is to ensure that the company stays on the cutting edge of current trends in the customs brokerage and warehousing industry. He oversees a staff of 10 licensed U.S. customs brokers, and his 28 years of experience include having taught graduate level classes in U.S. customs brokerage in the MBA International Trade and Logistics program at TAMIU in Laredo, Texas.


Morris currently serves nationally in both the NCBFAA 21st Century Customs Framework Committee and the Regulatory Affairs Committee. Regionally, he serves at the board level for both the local Customs Brokers Association (LLUSCBA) and the Laredo Economic Development Corporation (LEDC).

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