2022 Economic Census Questionnaire Content Assistance


The U.S. Census Bureau is currently determining the concepts and questions to be included in the 2022 Economic Census and is looking for assistance to ensure they are properly reflecting the changing economy and capturing relevant data. They are interested in any comments on the usefulness of existing questions and suggestions for new inquiries that may be appropriate for this benchmark survey.


Please submit your comments or questions via email to econ.content@census.gov by August 12, 2020; be advised that your comments may become a matter of public record. Any information provided may also be shared with their annual economic programs for consideration as well.


To view examples of the 2017 Economic Census survey questions and instructions by the trade sector, please see here. Under Survey Title or Trade, please filter and/or select the specific pdf relevant to your organization. (Note that there may be more than one pdf or industry relevant to you.)


Please note that Item 28, Special Inquiries, may be of particular interest. While general questions are asked of all establishments, these inquiries allow additional data to be collected that measure important changes in our economy and support the needs of individual industries.


  • Do the survey questionnaires and instructions use terms/definitions that are common for your industry?
  • Do the survey questionnaires accurately reflect what is occurring in your industry?
  • What do your data users need that they are not asking?
  • What questions are no longer relevant and could be eliminated?
  • Are certain questions difficult to complete? Why?
  • Are instructions clear and helpful?
  • Are there any other comments or opinions with regard to your industry?


To view published data from the 2017 Economic Census by the trade sector, see here. You may also want to review data releases to evaluate the scope of the published data from the Economic Census collection and to provide feedback on any possible gaps in the data we produce.


For more general information about the Economic Census, click here.

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