Calendar of Events




  • NCBFAA Board Meeting, Crystal City Marriott, Arlington, VA, June 25-28
  • NEI 2020 G.TEC, Chicago, IL, August 3-4
  • NCBFAA Board Meeting, Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC, September 12-13
  • NCBFAA Annual Conference and Government Affairs Conference, Washington, D.C, September 13-15
  • WESCCON 2020, Lowes Coronado, October 1-4
  • CESAC Meeting, Riverdale, MD, October 20-21


Please distribute this Monday Morning eBriefing to key people in your main and branch offices. The Monday Morning eBriefing is compiled by NCBFAA officers and staff; Customs Counsel Alan Klestadt, Esq; Washington Representative Whitmer and Worrall; Transportation and General Counsel Edward Greenberg, Esq; and Cindy Thomas, Esq. Questions? Send e-mail to

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