Status of Laredo Field Office


The Laredo Field Office today held a conference call on March 20 to advise the Trade community of the status of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operations at the trade facilities in the Laredo District.


To begin the call, Acting ADFO Armando Taboada, Jr. stated that while the U.S. and Mexico closed the Southern Border to non-essential travel, trade would not be restricted as the flow of commerce is of utmost importance. As for what is considered essential, anything that involves trade and commerce will be considered essential. This includes truck drivers, Mexican customs brokers, dispatchers, etc. There will be no change to hours of operation at the ports or the Laredo Field Office.


When crossing the border, drivers should make sure to have company identification.


All lanes on the World Trade Bridge will be open as they have in the past. There are no expectations of slowdowns.

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