Member Input Needed: Report on Combatting Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is interested in the NCBFAA’s feedback to the recently released DHS report on Combatting Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods.


The report has comprehensive content surrounding Section 321 and brokers are specifically mentioned on a few occasions. On page 6, the report states, "foremost among these best practices is the idea that e-commerce platforms, on-line third-party marketplaces, and other third-party intermediaries such as customs brokers and express consignment carriers must take a more active role in monitoring, detecting, and preventing trafficking in counterfeit and pirated goods." On page 24, DHS says, "the platforms that use this model may also coordinate with customs brokers, as well as provide third-party logistics and freight forwarding services to assist with the initial delivery of goods to the warehouse." Finally, on page 31, the report states, "yet, for a variety of reasons, including competition law and trade secrets protection, various stakeholders in the e-commerce supply and distribution chains historically have not shared information on problematic sellers, shippers, freight forwarders, brokers, and other third-party intermediaries involved in counterfeit trafficking."


The NCBFAA welcomes your input and it will be reviewed and considered for a comprehensive submission to CBP.  We are particularly interested in the ideas from our members as to how the customs broker can be part of CBPs plans. Can you envision an adaptation to the Broker Known Importer Program which could support CBPs plans? Other thoughts?  Send your input to the Customs Committee direct inbox at  Save this address as a way to communicate with your Customs Committee at any time!

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