NCBFAA Meets with Fish & Wildlife on ACE Implementation


NCBFAA leaders were pleasantly surprised and encouraged following a meeting with Fish & Wildlife officials, who briefed RAC Vice Chair Myra Reynolds, RAC member Stuart Schmidt and RAC Counsel Cindy Thomas on the agency’s plans to implement ACE.  FWS will begin a pilot in the cert environment in March followed by a production pilot in April.


In FWS’ original proposal several years ago, over 2000 HTS subheadings were flagged, causing great concern in the trade community. Now, the agency has pared it down to only 238, a welcome improvement.  FWS also will allow flexibility for filers, allowing the FWS data to be filed in either e-Decs or ACE. If filed in e-Decs, the filer will receive a confirmation number that can be used when filing the entry in ACE. 


At NCBFAA’s request, the FWS officials agreed to map Form 3177 to the PGA message set. See the mapped form here. The FWS also recently published their final Implementation Guide.


FWS is committed to working closely with NCBFAA as ACE implementation proceeds.

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