Area 4 Donna Mullins


Mullins International Solutions
37 Griffin Street

McDonough, GA 30253
Phone: (770) 626-4802
Fax: (770) 626-4229

Prior to starting Mullins International Solutions, Donna Mullins was the Branch Manager for CV International, Atlanta office. In March 2010, Donna merged her company, Alpha Sun International, Inc. with CV International. Before joining CVI, Donna was President and CEO of Alpha Sun International, a small independent freight forwarder and customs broker. She had the company for 7 years before merging. Donna has served in the international transportation community since 1982, where she began as an importer of wholesale merchandise. Upon leaving the import side of the trade, Donna started her career in the brokerage and transportation arena. In 1990 she received her US Treasury Customs Brokers License. Ms. Mullins has held various volunteer positions including President and Chair of the IFFCBHA (Independent Freigth Freight Forwarders and Customs House Brokers Association of Atlanta); President and Chair of the AACA (Atlanta Air Cargo Association); Board of Director for the AMA (Atlanta Maritime Association); and currently serves as the Air Freigth Committee Chair for the NCBFAA Transportation Committee. Donna has held an Adjunct Professor position with Clayton State University where she was involved in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management course for five years when CSU was able to get the course as a master’s degree program.


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