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Dan Meylor 5106- CBP does not have the current form posted to the CBP website when will the trade see that Edward Thurman CBP is working on the form and it will be posted to the website by end of next week ending 12/28/18 N 5106
Gretchen DHL Rejects on CA provinces reference CSMS 18-000660 has this been fixed John Everett Yes has been fixed and communicated via CSMS 18-000688 on 11/20/18 N Entry 
Dan Meylor       in-bond ACE report for closure or exportation of in-bond entries. Would like the same view as the carriers in the portal reports Bruce and ?? CBP communicated that this is only a carrier profile item and they will look into if they can bring this to the broker. Bruce instructed to use the secondary notify as part of the in-bond opening process. Sandy instructed that would only show  arrived or exported. CBP's reply was if IE then arrived is closed and the other types exported is closed.
01/31/2019 Dan Collier from CBP advised customs is looking at how security would work to allow the filer to only look at their in-bonds. Tom Gould sent Dan Collier information on available data elements in the Trade AdHoc Reports regarding in-bond
Y In-Bond
Ray Moore Error message does not return the original data so hard to troubleshoot – Tonya Perez  CBP says true does not plan to do so but does send data record that is in error N 5106 Test  issues
Ray Moore Customs Assigned number. The system allows the same name address to be added and creating multiple customs assigned numbers for the same party Tonya Perez  Fix done and is in CERT N 5106 Test  issues
Ray Moore Can a 5106 be sent again that contains data elements that were not included in the first 5106 – in essence append? Per CBP once it is sent once it can not be updated for now Tonya Perez  If data is not on the update it will not be kept need to resend to all data N 5106 Test  issues
Ray Moore  Phone number is 15X vs. 15AN – does not allow for hyphen?  Tonya Perez  This will be fixed is in works N 5106 Test  issues
Sandy Coty  Is CBP supposed to reject an C/R transmission that was not sent as certified from summary for absolute quota? CBP was going to check into that. I let them know to look at Entry type 06 – CBP  Debbie  Hard Stop to be implemented on 4/4/19. N Quota
  Request was made to update Certification with 2019 HTS file  John Everett this is complete N HTS 
Scott - GMS Problem when sending Entry type 21 (Whse Entry) without NMFS. Rules appear to show NMFS is not required per agency on Whse entry , just withdrawal. – Emi Wallace Has fix will be deployed this weekend 02/16/19 N PGA
Scott - GMS Issue where entries are receiving Docs Required for all TTB entries. (UDR)  Emi Wallace Not for this call N PGA
  FEI # is being created by FDA for Ultimate Consignee and Deliver TO party. Filer is receiving error FEI Invalid – but filed did not send an FEI. FDA to review and advise as that should not be the reject message Gale/FDA Still outstanding Y FDA
Scott - GMS If HTS is not flagged for PGA,  can CBP clarify that the PGA data should go with the 1-97 chapter not the 99 number Emi Wallace this is complete goes with 1-97  N PGA
Fanny - Descartes Requested that CBP update the Draft CATAIR section of to change  remove Feb 9th deploy date to TBD   John Everett   N
Sandy Coty  Currency file, was it being updated during the shutdown  Edward Thurman Yes , the ABI file was updated, the web needs to be updated N
Mike  CSMS 18-000583 NM8 flags   to go into prod 1st week of week of March N  
Lindsey 18-000671 will CBP provide more clarification on the Tariffs 8060  8061  (72/73) HQ Quota   N Quota
Scott - GMS E3 record Blank on UC messages Emi Wallace   N ACE
Randy Broker not able to file in port on PSC from another broker Celeste   N ACE
Dave Korn how long to wait on non AP Drawback claims before filing    No specific time frame given working on them as fast as possible N drawback
Derrick when will tariffs be flagged for 22nd TSCA deploy Emi Wallace prod will being to be flagged on the 22nd may take a day or two N ACE
Adam Will the list of TSCA tariffs be available before the 22nd Emi Wallace not sure was the answer N ACE
Russ  Cotton shipment subject to 301 where to report cotton fee Ruth fee should be reported on the 1-97 tariff line N ACE
Charlie In-bond 7512 printing for FTZ's what information is needed Debbie  will follow up with policy/still outstanding Y in-bond
Derrick When will the 7512 go away Debbie  needs to be policy was the answer  N in-bond
Derrick recon with 301 that has no value, what value to use 1 -97? Tonya Perez  will take back for answer/Still outstanding Y recon
Tom Gould liquidations being voided why Sabrina still looking into this will follow up/ACS to ACE issue N Liquidation
Sandy Coty  report 009 getting old entries   sandy to send example for follow up/being addressed N reports
Lisa ISF-5 reports will there be any like ISF-10 Nicole will route to ISF/Craig Clark is addressing not ACE  Y reports
Zac when will final guidance document be issued for Drawback Janel the trade should use the regulations, CATAIR and error dictionary for processing drawback N Drawback
Dave Korn Sending Drawback large files 9000 records or greater Tonya Perez  aware that there are issues it is timing of the 4mb segments. CBP has new appliance to use to fix this N drawback
Dan Meylor PSC for C/O change has HMF < 1 cent system did not handle Tonya Perez  will follow up and get to right person/still out standing  Y PSC
Derrick Exclusions tariffs in productions Tonya Perez  Yes in production and working N ACE
Derrick Tariff Numbers for TSCA flags Dan no not all in must query individually N ACE
Scott - GMS MQ update issue what is timeframe big change Dan followup Y MQ
Fanny - Descartes Drawback test data wrong HTS Tonya Perez  reached out to have HTS change, not done yet Y drawback
Fanny - Descartes 5106 query not returning country code Tonya Perez  will be added to the development backlog N ACE
Scott - GMS 5106 address line 2 for FN country Tonya Perez  will be added to the development backlog N ACE
Tom Gould Managing users in ACE portal  Dan possible was the answer, no timeframe given on backlog N ACE
Mike EDE HTS update for ep7 Debbie  will follow up with when the HTS update will be issued N ACE
matt  unknown in the zipcode field Tonya Perez  will follow up and get back Y ACE
  when will HTS move to ACE Tonya Perez  will take back to Celeste Y ACE
Lindsey DHL HQ Quota how to get follow up answered John   HTS 60  quota free, 61 is quota dutiable N ACE

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