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Dan Meylor in-bond ACE report for closure or exportation of in-bond entries. Would like the same view as the carriers in the portal reports Bruce and ?? CBP communicated that this is only a carrier profile item and they will look into if they can bring this to the broker. Bruce instructed to use the secondary notify as part of the in-bond opening process. Sandy instructed that would only show  arrived or exported. CBP's reply was if IE then arrived is closed and the other types exported is closed.
01/31/2019 Dan Collier from CBP advised customs is looking at how security would work to allow the filer to only look at their in-bonds. Tom Gould sent Dan Collier information on available data elements in the Trade AdHoc Reports regarding in-bond
Y In-Bond
  FEI # is being created by FDA for Ultimate Consignee and Deliver TO party. Filer is receiving error FEI Invalid – but filed did not send an FEI. FDA to review and advise as that should not be the reject message Gale/FDA Still outstanding Y FDA
Charlie In-bond 7512 printing for FTZ's what information is needed Debbie  will follow up with policy/still outstanding Y in-bond
Dan Meylor PSC for C/O change has HMF < 1 cent system did not handle Tonya Perez  will follow up and get to right person/still out standing  Y PSC
Mike/Scott SO responses with multiple in-bonds being returned with numbers not related to their transaction Jessica Will take back and follow up Y ACE
  Rejects when trying to update statement dates showing CBP control although it isn't Alma Need client rep to issue ticket will get back to trade Y ACE
Tom Gould is there going to be search for CSMS new message and  numbering Carlos will follow up Y reports
Michael Drawback Tifta claims against import entry at line items them the lines were lost, so rejects are happening can these line be put back ACE Will take back and follow up Y Drawback
  86 for 301 HTS ACE If quota not 86,  no 9903 number needed n ACE
Russ/UPS POA for IOR on entry type 86 ACE If PGA and IOR then yes POA needed, non PGA 86 yes broker needs the POA CBP is working to clarify what this is y Policy
  PSC for a 301 exclusion  Ruth D Waddy CBP asked to send to trade remedy  y 301
  FTZ to large 750-900 Tonya Perez  Submit smaller CBP has potential fix not sure when n FTZ
Scott - GMS Collections, not returning original information that was sent Christine Take the feedback back to see what can be done y ACE
  CSMS Drawback Backlog on applications taking longer than 90 days Tonya Perez  Reviewing CSMS nothing to report under review y Drawback
Ann Marie DIS requirment for contact information new requirment Tonya Perez  CBP will update the business document, will take back and address y drawback
  Can self filers send PSC on another brokers entry   this is allowed n ace

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