USDA Connecting Importers/Brokers with Charitable Organizations to Reduce Waste


In a memo to the NCBFAA dated April 8, 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) announced they would begin to recommend “fresh produce importers connect with charitable organizations” for food donations as a part of the agency’s commitment to reduce food waste. At the beginning of April, the USDA began their “Winning on Reduced Food Waste Month” by calling on state and local officials, along with public, private and nonprofit partners, to “educate consumers and stakeholders throughout the supply chain on the need to reduce food loss and waste.”



According to the memo, any importers or customs brokers who are interested in donating can visit this list of charitable organizations who are “registered with CEMS to receive donations of certain fruit or vegetable commodities.” Brokers and Importers can use this information to donate these such “products under an SC-6 exemption (such as without obtaining a Section 8e inspection or where an importer wishes to donate such product rather than destroy it or re-export it after the product has failed to meet Section 8e import requirements).”


If you have any questions or require assistance with registering in CEMS, you may contact the Compliance and Enforcement Branch’s customer service line at (88) 551-3523.

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