American Shipper to Host “Navigating a Carrier’s Market: Becoming a Shipper of Choice” Webinar


On March 21, American Shipper, in conjunction with project44, will host their “Navigating a Carrier’s Market: Becoming a Shipper of Choice” webinar that aims to help shippers “set themselves apart from the pack, foster healthy and productive relationships with carriers, and ultimately, become a shipper of choice.”


In the webinar, attendees will learn:


  • What shippers can expect from the changing carrier market
  • How to negotiate better contracted rates
  • Tips on fostering positive shipper/carrier relationships
  • How implementing new technologies can enable carriers
  • What it means to be a shipper of choice, and practical steps you can take to become one


Speakers for the event include Joe Bartone, of Carrier Direct, and Sam Ralat, of project44.


If you would like to register for the webinar, please visit the webinar registration page here

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