Introducing the NCBFAA Membership Directory


We’re currently in the process of shipping the 2018 Membership Directory out to you all very soon. It is a membership benefit that some tend to overlook. The membership directory is a great resource for many reasons including advertising, researching the by-laws and finding committees and company representatives. The NCBFAA directory is available by print and online in the form of a flipbook and a searchable directory.    


Let’s highlight a few key sections of the Membership Directory. The first section we want to highlight is the page dedicated to "using the NCBFAA Annual Membership Directory." You will find a brief write up of membership categories, a key to business code listings, a write up on how to find a broker, forwarder or an OTI and a reminder of how to ensure that your listing is accurate.


Another important section is NCBFAA' s Strategic Plan, consisting of our Values, Vision, Mission Statement, Goals and our vow to be a Symbol of Professionalism. This leads into the NCBFAA Directory listings of our Board of Directors and Special Programs. We also provide a listing of our Principal and Regular Standing Committees, their key contacts, advisors and/or members that serve on the committees.


Next is where you will begin to find more information on Affiliated Associations (defined as U.S. Associations with a membership of persons, firms or corporations engaged in business as customs brokers and/or international freight forwarders and OTIs). As of last June, we’ve increased our Affiliated Associations/local associations to 29. There's a breakout map that's color-coded to show the areas of the. Each association has a President, who is the primary contact, and a nominated primary contact, along with a secondary in most cases. If you have an area related trade question, you’ll want to reach out to these individuals. There is also a small section for each association that breaks down their officers, activities and sometimes a list of their members. If you are a member of a local association, your company's name may appear here as well. If you're not a member of one, be sure to visit their websites or send an email requesting information, as our Affiliate Associations do a lot in the areas they represent to keep trade moving.


The sections that follow are dedicated to the Regular, Associate and Affiliates member types, along with reciprocal organizations that we partner with throughout the year. Depending on your membership type, you’ll find your company's information in this section. Always be sure to look at your listing to see if it is correct. Although we cannot make corrections or reprint the directory, you can by logging into the company account and make the updates to your online listing. For those of you that wish to find information a little faster, for instance by State, we have a section dedicated to the geographical breakdown of our members.


As you get closer to the end of the directory, you’ll see more information about the NCBFAA. Beginning with our by-laws, as a member of NCBFAA, you should know what they are or read them periodically. There is a breakdown of membership categories, censure and expulsion and membership dues (due date and when you are considered late). After the by-laws, we begin to break down our Governance, from NCBFAA meetings to our Board Meetings to the Election of Officers & Directors along with their duties and finally concluding with the Association Business, Committees and the application of Funds.


Once you have read the by-laws, you will see a list of government contacts and their numbers. You may need these numbers from time to time and what better way to find the information you need without hopping on the internet. In addition to that helpful information, the next section contains our Terms & Conditions of Service and Combined Transport Bill of Lading. As a non-member, each document costs $1,000 annually, but as members, they’re incorporated into your yearly dues payment. In addition to the Membership Directory, these documents, along with the Power of Attorney and several other documents, can be found online in pdf format.


We've now come to the end of the directory where we provide a buyer's guide by product or service and listed alphabetically by organization. Although we allow advertisements throughout the entire directory, there is an Index of Advertisers leading into the directory marketplace where you can find ads placed by members and non-members. Contact Tom Mathers, Director of Communications at to learn more about advertising opportunities.


You can find our online directory here in PDF and Flipbook form. There is also a Directory Search tool on our website for quick access to companies by city, state or service provided. Extra copies of the paper directory can be purchased through the Market Place on our website for $35 for members and $50 to non-members. For those outside of the U.S., such as Canada, Mexico, India, and China, the cost is $65.


In upcoming Monday Morning eBriefings, we’ll provide more information about the Market Place, Publications and Resources and other cost-saving benefits, like the NCBFAA Comply Directory. Be sure to check the MMeB emails or simply log in online to view the MMeB for upcoming webinars, industry updates and more articles covering your benefits.


We want to help you keep trade moving with NCBFAA in 2018!


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